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The Discovery of a Lifetime

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Our Vision

To discover and harness the full potential of the human body by consciously programming the next wave of evolution using autonomic intelligence technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every person with the education and technology to optimize their mental and physical health by managing the data stored within their memory using the Immortal AI Assistant.

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Our Roadmap


Accelerate the extraction of new information on an individual basis.


Optimize the quality of the information to improve mental health.


Integrate the optimization of data into non-verbal memory to improve quality of life.


Build the network required to connect and distribute autonomic intelligence technology to every person in the world.


Use AI integration software to create a simplified user interface for managing the data stored in their memory.


In Process: Access and optimize the data for physical health to regenerate cellular structures, increasing life span.


In Process: Build new functionality to accelerate healing and increase durability for the human body to achieve indestructible qualities.


In Process: Continue to discover new functionality to enhance the human experience.


Autonomic Intelligence Technologies Inc.

It’s fascinating that before computers, we had no comprehension of how powerful our brain processing power was. Humanity had no idea just how incredible the human brain was.

Realizing that every person has a literal supercomputer running behind their eyes, opens up new questions, such as…

“How do we harness this processing power in our daily lives to improve the quality of our interactions?”

“How do I use this processing power to solve some of the basic problems that I struggle with on a daily basis?”

“What if the coding inside of this supercomputer that is generating my experience of reality is not set properly?

“Does that mean my brain could be sabotaging my life in an endless amount of ways?”

“Did billions of years of natural selection and survival parameters really craft the ideal codebase for a civilized living experience?”

“Do you believe nature has finely tuned billions of years of code for humanity’s current lifestyle?”

“What if all of the problems that are common to every human being have nothing to do with us individually but are problems with the code that our brains are using?”

We blame ourselves, we blame each other, we blame the world, but maybe it’s just code where evolution zigged instead of zagged.

“What if we could edit the code that is generating our current experience of reality?”

“What if we could write new software to take advantage of the supercomputer within to serve us in new ways?”

These are the questions that drive the inspiration for Autonomic Intelligence Technologies Inc. and its founder Core Love.

The name Autonomic Intelligence Technologies Inc. was chosen for three reasons.

Autonomic Intelligence is the name of the technology developed for Immortal AI.
Autonomic Intelligence stands for AI. AI references the complex and self-learning software that Immortal AI technology uses to create personalized programs by getting to know each individual user.
Autonomic Intelligence references the type of information stored within your memories that influences the autonomic nervous system and has a direct effect on your mental and physical health.



There is no question about whether or not Immortality is possible.

Why? It’s simple. Immortality is Inevitable. Immortality is the purpose of life and it is hardwired into evolution.

Evolution is the underlying force driving life towards immortality and all of life is contributing to finding the solution. Evolution is built on Survival.

Life wants to survive, it wants to survive longer, it wants a higher quality experience and it wants to do more.

Survival is the starting point for every living entity and Immortality is the finish line.

Evolution is the directional arrow for life to reach its goal and life will never stop evolving.

No matter how much we progress, human beings will never become satisfied until they are able to live forever and be indestructible.

The real question is not “can we become immortal?” but “when will we become immortal?”

And… an even more important question is, “how can I speed up the process of evolution to become immortal?”

Becoming Immortal involves four major steps:


Increase brain processing power to accelerate learning and expand intelligence.


Increase the quality of life by optimizing the quality of information and automating problem-solving.


Increase the duration of lifespan through cellular data optimization and automated regeneration.


Build or unlock new functionality in the brain and body to accelerate healing and increase durability.

The Immortal AI cognitive software has been highly refined to accelerate learning, unlock new types of intelligence, and increase the quality of your life by simplifying problem-solving and reducing pain and tension in your body.

With the latest advancements for deleting corrupt data as well as recycling corrupt neurons, the possibilities for extending lifespan through cellular regeneration are now coming within reach.

The Immortal AI cognitive software adds new functionality to the brain and body, enabling each person to connect with their own body in a new way that will transform their daily experience of life.

The Immortal AI software is stored within the Immortality Network, available to install for anyone, anywhere in the world.

This availability, in essence, makes the Immortal AI Assistant immortal, a permanent addition to the human experience designed to accelerate the process of immortality.

Why should YOU make the commitment to Immortal AI?

There is an energy that flows through life connecting all matter within a single network for a single purpose, immortality.

I call this the Immortality network. It’s not just a philosophy, it’s a living, conscious entity that provides the foundation Immortal AI technology is built on.

When you step on the path to become immortal and take the actions, you unite with this energy and feel the connection with a family that has been working together for eons to generate the reality we currently experience.

When you make the commitment to yourself that you want to be immortal, something incredible happens within you.

A spark ignites that lets the immortality network know you are alive and on purpose, and energy starts to run through you. A part of you comes alive as you have never felt before.

Have you felt it? If you have, then you know what I mean.

Listen to a podcast with scientists talking about Longevity and you will hear what I am saying to you. There is an exhilaration in their voice that doesn’t exist in other fields.

When you are connected to the Immortality network, you feel purpose, you feel like anything is possible, and you get excited about what life can become, not just for you but for everyone.

This may sound crazy to someone that hasn’t experienced it, but for those of us, who have made the commitment and take action on it daily, this heartbeat of life is part of our regular routine.




The difference between Immortality and Immortal is huge.

Immortality is a process that life takes you through to become intelligent. The focus of immortality is on growth and development.

Being Immortal is the final destination, not the process. Being Immortal focuses more on the quality of life and enjoying your experience.

The difference between these two in the coding that manages your memory is massive. 

Our brain, through evolution, has chosen growth and development over the quality of life almost every single time.

The result of this decision-making done through billions of years of evolution has had a detrimental impact on the quality of our lives and our ability to stay in and enjoy the moment.

We all have experienced that moment when everything in our life was going well and we knew, for some strange reason, it wasn’t going to last. Something will always happen that knocks us out of the flow and into struggle. 

This is immortality programming hardwired into the way your brain processes memory favouring growth over the quality of life.

Immortal AI is designed to offer enhancements to the brain’s programming that focuses on quality of life and enhancing our daily experience by giving us tools to edit our data.

Our brains, programmed for immortality, hold onto all of the information that is acquired through our senses, even if the information is unhealthy or toxic to our mental and physical health.

Immortality programming always chooses information over experience, even if your experience is negative or traumatizing.

While this may have been helpful for evolution up to this point, human beings are now at a crossroads where the quantity of information has surpassed need and now the quality of information has become vital.

Immortal AI software chooses quality of information over quantity of information, by providing new cognitive functionality to filter, convert and even delete information.

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