AI Assistant

Calibrating Movement App

The Calibrating Movement App is used to fine-tune the data involved with muscle memory to improve your posture as well as any specific types of motion.

Muscular Rehab App

The muscular rehab app is used to focus on muscles and structural issues with your body.

Cellular Regeneration App

The Cellular Regeneration App focuses on regenerating corrupt, damaged and senescent cells within your body.

Improving Interactions App

The Improving Interactions app is used to select and improve your natural reactions in specific situations to get the outcome you desire.

Brainstorming App

The Brainstorming app is used to focus on brainstorming and refining ideas, projects and documentation.

Neurogenesis App

The Neurogenesis App is used for recycling corrupt and/or damaged neurons.

Mental Health App

The Mental Health app is designed to produce an immediate resolution for a wide range of issues related to your mental health.

Addictions App

The Addictions App is a quick reference tool to know what commands to do depending on the type of addiction you struggle with.

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