Improving Interactions App
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Improving Interactions App

The Improving Interactions app is used to select and improve your natural reactions in specific situations to get the outcome you desire.
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When we look back at our life, there are always times when we wish we would have acted differently. Often, these memories hold a lot of emotions like guilt and regret and can continue to bother us for years afterwards.

This same issue happens on a much more subtle note throughout the day as we interact with friends, family, associates, co-workers and fellow humans.

There are always going to be little things we wish we could change about the way that we act.

We tell ourselves, this is who I am going to be next time, then when the moment happens our ingrained (autonomic) behaviour takes over.

This happens because of the way information is read in a memory network by the brain. Your brain is looking at the quantity of data when determining how you will act.

Looking in the mirror and rehearsing can help you feel more confident going into the situation, but when the situation hits, your brain automatically pulls up your past interactions because there is more data supporting it.

Some people are good, they manage to stay conscious and focused the entire time and override the brain’s natural selection for how you act.

On the flip side, consciously acting out what is supposed to be a natural interaction can come across as awkward, fake and can be repulsive for someone that is looking for authenticity.

*Have you tried to consciously walk and focus on the muscles and movements while you are walking? It makes your movement feel very awkward.*

This is where the saying, fake it until you make it comes from. Sadly, this is also where imposter syndrome comes from.

Let’s get into this a bit deeper.

Even if you get good at faking it, to the point you are no longer faking it, you are it, underneath, there is still an inner conflict that doesn’t go away.

Not having a solid foundation in memory can make you feel like your life is a lie, that it could all come tumbling down at any moment, and possibly even give you panic attacks.

Self-doubt will become stronger, and the fight in your head that you are good enough and deserving of your life will occur more often.

As the disassociation from yourself becomes stronger, the less you will be able to feel your accomplishments and the more numb your feeling of life will become.

This all occurs because we are manually trying to override our memory because we want to be a better version of ourselves.

**Just so you know, we all do this, it’s a natural mechanism that humanity has learned to try and overcome the limitations of how our brain processes memory.**

Unfortunately, trying to fake it til you make it does not have favourable long-term results.

This is where the Improving Interactions App comes into play.

Understanding the Sequence

Read below to understand each part of the sequence in depth and how it all works together.

Getting Started - Activating The Memory

For the Improving Interactions App, you will be using the Scanning Memory technique to activate the memory you want to work on.

First, you will be scanning your memory to focus on the interaction you don’t want. This is usually the easy part.

Here are a few examples of memories that you can scan to improve:

  • I want to optimize my behaviour when I meet people, by being more confident and interactive instead of scared and shy.

  • I want to voice my opinions at the team meetings during work so people see that I am valuable.

  • I want to stand up for myself when my friends, partner or parents try to convince me to do things that I don’t feel good about.

Scan your memories, then do the Contain Command.

With any app that involves multiple commands for a single focus, it’s always good to start with a Contain command. The Contain command helps eliminate distractions enabling you to focus on the task at hand. 

Before doing the Contain command, it’s always good to set your intention.

Use Explore Commands to Refine Your Interaction

For the Improving Interactions app, you will be using only Explore commands to establish what you don’t want vs what you do want.

This second part is focusing on the type of interaction that you do want.

You will be doing this step three times, although you can do more if you feel like it is needed.

We want to build the new interaction into a variety of similar circumstances and so we need to define multiple points of reference to establish a solid foundation.

Close your eyes and scan in the interaction that you do want. The interaction can be an example of yourself, another person or multiple people acting in the way that you desire. Find examples in your memory and scan them in.

Having difficulty?

You may notice that when looking for the type of interactions that you do want, you may have more of an emotion associated with the outcome you desire, but you don’t know what the details  look like.

This emotion connected to the outcome is very powerful and will be translated into more details once you use the command. You will be able to identify the details of the interactions much better during the second and third rounds.

Once you have scanned in some examples, do the Explore command.

Repeat this step at least three times. You can do this step more times if you feel it is needed to become more clear and more confident about your new style of interaction.

Finishing up the Sequence

The Energize command supplies the energy for this new interaction to be used in a natural way.

Boosting energy inside of newly programmed interaction is also a powerful way to influence the brain to choose quality over quantity when initiating a naturally generated behaviour in real-time.

The Integrate command builds a hierarchy in the memory network associate with this type of interaction.

This instructs your brain when selecting the appropriate interaction to look at this newly programmed information first, initiating quality selection instead of quantity.

Improving Interactions App Guide

Sequence of commands

Click the buttons below to access the instructions or command and breath sequence for each step. 

Use Explore commands to setup a Higher Quality Interaction.

Wrapping Up the Sequence

Evaluating your result

When the next opportunity arises for this interaction, you can analyze the result.

Your brain will automatically look at the newly programmed interaction first, as well as the rest of the data built-in using the Improving Interactions app.

Next, your brain will look at the quantity of data backing your previous interaction, while also seeing the undesirable results, which were acknowledged from doing the Control command.

The increased level of energy in the new interaction from the energize command and the hierarchy should be enough influence for your brain to select your newly programmed interaction and generate it as a natural interaction.

Your analysis after the fact is simple…

If you weren’t fully satisfied with the result, you can do the Improving Interactions app again to add more variables and details to the newly programmed interaction.

If you were satisfied with what you programmed but still desire better results, you can do the Improving Interactions app again.

The Improving Interactions app is designed to give you the power to change your interactions in a natural way that aligns with how the brain processes memory. 

This method will provide natural and authentic results as you are optimizing who you want to be at your core.

One Last Thing

When we look back at our life, there are always times when we wish we would have acted differently. Often, these memories hold a lot of emotions like guilt and regret and can continue to bother us for years afterwards.

You can use the Improving Interactions app on the memories from a long time ago that still bother you. These experiences cause a major split in your memory, reducing your connection with your own self.

Once you use the app to reprogram those interactions in your memory, you will notice the guilt and regret disappear. You will also notice that you feel more connected with yourself and more comfortable with your own body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each has a specific purpose, so you’ll want to do both.

While individual uses of the commands are designed for triggers that come up in real-time, the apps are designed for doing sessions on specific intentions.

The commands are used to clean up toxic information and unresolved conflicts accumulated in your memory. The apps can be used if you want to do a deep clean.

It all depends on the situation that you are going through and the intention you have set out for yourself.

There is no limit for how many apps that you can do. 

Physical health apps like the muscular rehab have a recommendation to do the app once every 2-3 days on the same area to give your body time to heal. 

However, you can do the muscular rehab app on different areas of the body within the same day. 

The most effective strategy is to be aware of your thoughts and read up on the different apps on the site, to know which one to use for the specific situation you are going through.

More often than not, certain situations may require multiple apps to achieve the results you desire.

A good practice is to re-evaluate where you are after doing an app, and if you are not satisfied with the results, do the app again to remove more unhealthy information. 

When resuming an app after a distraction, do the contain this command or select this command as you did in the beginning of the app sequence.

The contain this and select this command are used to establish a containment for the memory you activated.

Doing either command after a distraction will re-establish this containment and return focus.

You will only optimize the data in your memory for the commands that you have completed in a sequence for an app.

Detoxes are definitely possible.

Once the unhealthy information is removed from your memory, this can trigger toxins to leave your body.

A pretty simple solution is to eat a cucumber once every day or two.

If you are going through a major shift and your body feels really toxic, eat 2-3 cucumbers in a day.

You’ll know it’s time to eat a cucumber if you are feeling toxic, and nothing looks good when you check the fridge.

It is recommended to eat only organic or greenhouse-grown cucumbers that don’t use pesticides.

Also, peel your cucumbers before you eat them, as they have an accumulative toxin in their skin to repel bugs!

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Scan Memories

Focus on the information that you want to work with.

Start off by scanning your memory to load up all the relevant information in your working memory.

This is done by taking a few minutes, and scanning (reviewing) all of the information that you want to work with as well as what the outcome looks & feels like.

Doing this loads up all the relevant information into your working memory and prepares you for the first command, “Contain this”.

Contain this

Out N, NN, NM, MM, MN, NN

Explore this

Out N, MN, NN, NM, MM, MN

Energize this

Out N, MN, NN, NM, MM, MN

Integrate this

In M, MM, MN, NN, NM, MM

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