Mental Health App
Please install the Immortal AI Assistant on the install page BEFORE using these commands. All commands are to be used in English Only. Commands will not work if translated into another language. Official translations for other languages will be posted soon.

Mental Health App

The Mental Health app is designed to produce an immediate resolution for a wide range of issues related to your mental health.
Minute Run Time
The Mental Health app is a powerful personal therapy session enabling you to deal with an issue or part of your life that you are struggling with.

The great part about the Mental Health app is that it is very easy to use. You don’t need to know the details for each command in order to get the maximum benefits.

For traumatic memories, you can quickly scan them into your working memory using your mind, there is no need to talk about the issue or remain in the emotional discomfort for a long period of time.

The Mental Health app is completely private, you don’t need to share personal details with anyone to get results.

If the situation you are dealing with is very complex or has been causing you issues for many years, you can use the Mental Health app as many times as you need to deal with all the different aspects.

Below are some examples of what the Mental Health app can be used for:
  • for eliminating stress and identifying solutions for current problems in your life.

  • for focusing on any major issue or problem in your life.

  • for healing traumas, PTSD, mental health issues, etc.

The Mental Health app is designed so you don’t need to check in with how you feel or review memories throughout the whole sequence.

The only time you look at memories is when you first scan them in to set your intention. This enables the sequence to be done quickly, without needing a deep understanding of each command and still maximizing the benefits.

Each command utilizes the results from the previous commands when done in this specific sequence. It’s important to remember to wait until any lightheaded or body sensations have subsided before moving on to the next command.

The Mental Health app takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.

To ensure great results, find a space where you won’t be distracted. Being comfortable is important. Sitting up helps to keep you awake throughout the process. Have a large glass of water available for when you need a drink. Also, make sure you are not hungry when you start.

Understanding the Sequence

Read below to understand each part of the sequence in depth and how it all works together.

Getting Started - Activating the Memory

For the Mental Health App, you will be using the Scanning Memory technique to activate the memory you want to work on.

Take 5 minutes maximum to close your eyes and scan through all the information relevant to the current stress, major problem, mental health issue, or traumatic memory you want to resolve.

To maximize the amount of relevant information loaded into your working memory, it is best to close your eyes when scanning memories.

Having your eyes open, pulls information from your environment into your working memory, reducing the amount of information you can scan in from your memory which lowers your results.

Tips for Scanning
  • Take your time to scan in as much detail as possible about your experience and the entire situation. The more details you scan through in your mind, the more powerful your results will be.

  • How did this situation affect your mind and life afterwards?

  • You can scan the other people in the situation and how they acted/reacted.

  • How did this situation affect other people afterwards?

  • You can scan the conversations during and after the event. Focusing on the different types of expressions in which the communication occurred is also very powerful.

  • Focusing just on the pure emotion from each part of the situation is very powerful, especially when you don’t have the words or understand how to express what you experienced.

  • You can scan physical sensations like elevated heart rate, intense breathing, touch or pressure causing pleasure or pain, and the tension in your muscles/body.

  • You can scan through sensory details like sounds, sights, smells and tastes.

  • You can scan the environment in which the situation occurred in.

  • You can slow down into certain parts for more detailed information that you feel is important.

  • You can also skip through several unrelated but similar situations that you have been through if the issue is a pattern for you.

  • If the emotion or memory becomes too intense while you have your eyes closed, simply open your eyes, take a drink of water, then begin the sequence with the contain command.

Once you have scanned through as many details as possible, do the Contain command.

The Contain command wraps the memories you scanned and keeps them contained while you complete the entire sequence.

Empowering You and Removing Unhealthy Information

The Power Up command makes you feel more empowered by removing the chaotic information making you feel unstable or traumatized.

The Control command enables you to view your situation rationally, so you can identify a solution and/or gain a higher perspective. 

The Explore command enables you to come up with solid action steps, if needed, to help you resolve your situation. 

The Remind Me command is used to remind you of similar situations that you overcame, boosting your confidence for handling this specific situation.

The Dissect command is used to eliminate the resistance you feel towards dealing with this current situation.

Finishing up the Sequence

The Energize command injects energy into the solution and new action steps so that addressing the problem and taking action will happen in a much easier way.

The Integrate command establishes a priority for the new method you will use to manage this situation. This command makes your new solution feel natural, like a straightforward common-sense approach.

Mental Health App Guide

Sequence of commands

Click the buttons below to access the instructions or command and breath sequence for each step. 

Follow Up

More often than not, once you complete the sequence, you won’t be able to access the memories that you looked at when you first started. It takes your brain a while to rebuild the memories because of the number of changes that have been done from the sequence.

You can check back on the memories usually within the next few days once the processing has been completed. Many times, reviewing the memories happens naturally once the process has been completed.

Not every problem you focus on is going to require a solution. Sometimes the only solution needed was a shift in perspective. In these types of cases, when you realize that the solution was only required within you, you will feel fulfilled. 

This sequence is designed to build a pathway from the initial problem to the implementation of the solution. 

Depending on the unique situation, the intensity of emotion and the quantity of information involved, additional commands may be needed as a follow-up with your situation. 

When you review the memories/situation, notice how you are reacting and do the associated commands to clean up any remaining issues.

Once you implement the solution, you may find new layers of the problem that you weren’t aware of previously. You can use individual commands to help you deal with this if it’s a small issue, or you can do an entire sequence if the problem is much larger.


To convert the most amount of data with each command, use the videos to ensure your timing and holds are accurate. If you mess up the breath sequence, it’s ok, just wait a minute or two, then do the same command and start the breath sequence again.
Sometimes, when there is a lot of emotion/information involved with a command, you will have a hard time focusing on the breath. If this happens and/or you feel like there are a lot of layers with a certain command, you can do it a second or third time, then continue on with the sequence.
Before going on to the next command, make sure that any sensations from the previous command have subsided. It’s possible a single command can keep you yawning and/or cause energy to move through your body for up to 15 minutes.

Mental Health App Training Videos

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Join Jovan for the Mental Health app group session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each has a specific purpose, so you’ll want to do both.

While individual uses of the commands are designed for triggers that come up in real-time, the apps are designed for doing sessions on specific intentions.

The commands are used to clean up toxic information and unresolved conflicts accumulated in your memory. The apps can be used if you want to do a deep clean.

It all depends on the situation that you are going through and the intention you have set out for yourself.

There is no limit for how many apps that you can do. 

Physical health apps like the muscular rehab have a recommendation to do the app once every 2-3 days on the same area to give your body time to heal. 

However, you can do the muscular rehab app on different areas of the body within the same day. 

The most effective strategy is to be aware of your thoughts and read up on the different apps on the site, to know which one to use for the specific situation you are going through.

More often than not, certain situations may require multiple apps to achieve the results you desire.

A good practice is to re-evaluate where you are after doing an app, and if you are not satisfied with the results, do the app again to remove more unhealthy information. 

When resuming an app after a distraction, do the contain this command or select this command as you did in the beginning of the app sequence.

The contain this and select this command are used to establish a containment for the memory you activated.

Doing either command after a distraction will re-establish this containment and return focus.

You will only optimize the data in your memory for the commands that you have completed in a sequence for an app.

Detoxes are definitely possible.

Once the unhealthy information is removed from your memory, this can trigger toxins to leave your body.

A pretty simple solution is to eat a cucumber once every day or two.

If you are going through a major shift and your body feels really toxic, eat 2-3 cucumbers in a day.

You’ll know it’s time to eat a cucumber if you are feeling toxic, and nothing looks good when you check the fridge.

It is recommended to eat only organic or greenhouse-grown cucumbers that don’t use pesticides.

Also, peel your cucumbers before you eat them, as they have an accumulative toxin in their skin to repel bugs!

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Scan Memories

Focus on the information that you want to work with.

Start off by scanning your memory to load up all the relevant information in your working memory.

This is done by taking a few minutes, and scanning (reviewing) all of the information that you want to work with as well as what the outcome looks & feels like.

Doing this loads up all the relevant information into your working memory and prepares you for the first command, “Contain this”.

Contain this

Out N, NN, NM, MM, MN, NN

Power Up

Out M, NM, MM, MN, NN, NM

Control this

Out N, NN, NM, MM, MN, NN

Explore this

Out N, MN, NN, NM, MM, MN

Remind Me

In N, NN, NM, MM, MN, NN

Dissect this

In N, NN, MN, MM, NM, NN

Energize this

Out N, MN, NN, NM, MM, MN

Integrate this

In M, MM, MN, NN, NM, MM

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