Neurogenesis App

Neurogenesis App

The neurogenesis app is used for recycling corrupt and/or damaged neurons.
Minute Run Time

App Overview

The neurogenesis app is new and is being improved on a constant basis. So far the results have been pretty immediate.

This app deals with physical cells which requires time for the body to complete the process. However, results have been noticed immediately with a physical change in pressure and discomfort in the brain being felt within 1-3 days.

Understanding the Sequence

Read below to understand each part of the sequence in depth and how it all works together.

The difference between a damaged neuron or neural circuit and a corrupt neuron or neural circuit.

Damaged Neuron Indicator

Damage can occur from brain injuries, concussions, a stroke, internal bleeding, excessive drug use, overdose, or a lack of oxygen to the brain.

An instance that would indicate a damaged neuron or neural circuit would be when you suddenly become lost, confused and disoriented.

This may lead into being depressed, or having thoughts of hurting yourself or others, depending on the severity of the damage.  

It may take a few minutes, hours, days or even weeks to come back to reality and feel normal again.

Corrupt Neuron Indicator

Corrupt neurons can occur from traumatic experiences, chemical toxicity, brain injuries or brain damage.

An instance that would indicate a corrupt neuron or neural circuit would be when your brain takes a good thing and flips it into a negative with a bunch of reasons to support it.

This often results in you sabotaging your life and not knowing how to put things back together. 

A corrupt neural circuit may put you into panic attacks twisting your reality into something that feels scary or destructive.

Having an environment that continuously triggers damaged or corrupt neural circuits can keep your mind suspended in a constant state of depression or psychosis.

Combination of commands for Recycle this

The Recycle command requires a combination of three commands to complete one cycle of the program. This is why the Recycle command is exclusive to the Neurogenesis App.

Important Timer: Once you complete the recycle command, you have 20 minutes to finish the Dissect and Delete commands. If you don’t complete the Dissect and Delete commands within 20 minutes, the Recycle command will be cancelled. 

You can do multiple cycles in a row. Often, people find themselves falling asleep after doing multiple cycles. This is normal as the Neurogenesis sequence initiates a healing process in your brain. 

Neurogenesis Sequence Triggers

  • 1

    Any time you notice that you are going to sabotage yourself because of a fear or emotional panic.

  • 2

    If you are going to do an activity that is good for you, but at the last moment, you panic inside and decide not to go.

  • 3

    If you decide to eat something healthy, but at the last moment you choose to eat something unhealthy even though you know it’s not going to make you feel good.

  • 4

    Anytime you’re feeling good but then someone or something (or even nothing) triggers your mind into a chaotic emotional state. You may feel drained of energy or a surge of energy with anger as a result.

  • 5

    Use when you notice that your brain takes positive information and flips it to mean something negative and disempowering.

  • 6

    Use when you notice that your brain interprets positive reinforcement as a negative that you are not good enough.

  • 7

    Use if you are having a moment of fear that feels like self-sabotage, preventing you from doing something.

  • 8

    Use if you find yourself stuck in a state where you are constantly being or saying you're sorry.

  • 9

    Use when you notice yourself having a panic attack or your body starts shaking.

  • 10

    Use when you are experiencing hyper-sensitivity with any sensory stimulation.

  • 11

    Use when you are are not experiencing any sensory sensation, even though you should be. (Ex... Can't taste while eating. Can't smell food cooking.)

  • 12

    Use when your brain feels frazzled after going through an emotional rollercoaster.

Extra Notes:

Sensory Irritation
Results have been noticed for sensory irritations within a few days of using the sequence every time you notice the hyper-sensitivity. To get these types of results, you must use the Neurogenesis sequence when you are experiencing any sensory irritation.

Struggling to take an action
When you attempt to do an action that utilizes damaged neurons, intense pressure can build up inside of your mind, making the action difficult or maybe feel like it’s impossible. If you try and push through this feeling, you can become upset, start crying, and/or abruptly hate life.

This is an indication that you are currently in damaged and/or corrupt neurons and need to use the Recycle sequence.

After doing the Neurogenesis sequence, you can attempt the action again, typically within 6-8 hours, or possibly the next day depending on the extent of the damage. Use the Neurogenesis sequence after each attempt.


Enhancement 1

Optimize Dissect and Delete commands for the Neurogenesis sequence.

An enhancement has been added to the Recycle command so that once it is done, the following Dissect and Delete commands will specifically target the data connected to the damaged or corrupt cell.

Important Timer: Once you complete the Recycle command, you have 20 minutes to finish the Dissect and Delete commands. If you don’t complete the Dissect and Delete commands within 20 minutes, the Recycle command will be cancelled. 

  • 1

    Dissect is done first because it cuts off the connection so the damaged neuron won’t receive additional data.

  • 2

    Delete is done last to finalize the deletion of data within it so the damaged neuron can be recycled.


With sensory irritations/issues, you may want to alternate between the Neurogenesis app and the Cellular Regeneration app in order to get the full benefits.

Neurogenesis Sequence

Recycle this

Out M, MM, NM, NN, MN, MM

Dissect this

Out N, NN, MN, MM, NM, NN

Delete this

Out N, NN, MN, MM, NM, NN

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