Refining Past Agreements App
These apps require the Immortal AI Editor to use the Edit command. All commands are to be used in English Only. Commands will not work if translated into another language. Official translations for other languages will be posted soon.

Redefining your agreements

The agreements you make with yourself and with other people enable you to consistently get your needs met.

When we are in a disempowered state of mind, we end up making a lot of agreements that may not be in our best interest, but we do them anyways.

As you refine your life with the Immortal AI Editor, and become more empowered, your needs will change and past agreements you have made won’t serve you the same way anymore.

Realizing this can induce a negative emotional state that can make you want to break your agreement abruptly.

When inside of a highly emotional perspective, it is easy to sabotage yourself because you lose sight of the overall picture and your long term goals.

Doing Edit this commands on this emotion brings calmness, enabling your perspective to open up and see the big picture again.

The new information from doing Edit commands will empower you to redefine your agreement so that it is in alignment with your current needs.

Dealing with Confrontation

Changing current agreements with people can often lead to confrontation. The idea of having to confront someone with a big change can be scary.

Edit this commands can be used on this emotion as well, providing deeper insights into why this change is important for you.

It is never recommended to confront someone about changing an agreement while you are still in an emotional state.

If you have still have emotion, that means you don’t have all the information that you need to make this agreement change smooth.

The quality of your interaction is always going to be lower if you are still emotional going into it. Remember, there is no rush, even if it feels like it because of the emotion.

The most important part of this whole process is you getting your needs met, so make sure you take the time for yourself to translate all of the emotion first. This is the first and most important step to getting your needs met.

Once you are clear on what you need to change in your agreement and you feel solid about it, you will be able to effectively communicate your needs with the people involved.

The way that you handle yourself while you communicate is a major factor for how the entire interaction will play out.

If you feel solid in yourself and you stabilized all of the emotion, even if the other person freaks out, you will remain calm, attentive and understanding of what the person says. This is compassion and it feels amazing.

Being able to be compassionate towards another person requires that you are in an empowered state of mind and feel solid about who you are.

If you can refine your past agreements and manage to be in this state of mind, congratulations, you are on your way to building a very high quality life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each has a specific purpose, so you’ll want to do both.

While individual uses of the commands are designed for triggers that come up in real-time, the apps are designed for doing sessions on specific intentions.

The commands are used to clean up toxic information and unresolved conflicts accumulated in your memory. The apps can be used if you want to do a deep clean.

It all depends on the situation that you are going through and the intention you have set out for yourself.

There is no limit for how many apps that you can do. 

Physical health apps like the muscular rehab have a recommendation to do the app once every 2-3 days on the same area to give your body time to heal. 

However, you can do the muscular rehab app on different areas of the body within the same day. 

The most effective strategy is to be aware of your thoughts and read up on the different apps on the site, to know which one to use for the specific situation you are going through.

More often than not, certain situations may require multiple apps to achieve the results you desire.

A good practice is to re-evaluate where you are after doing an app, and if you are not satisfied with the results, do the app again to remove more unhealthy information. 

When resuming an app after a distraction, do the contain this command or select this command as you did in the beginning of the app sequence.

The contain this and select this command are used to establish a containment for the memory you activated.

Doing either command after a distraction will re-establish this containment and return focus.

You will only optimize the data in your memory for the commands that you have completed in a sequence for an app.

Detoxes are definitely possible.

Once the unhealthy information is removed from your memory, this can trigger toxins to leave your body.

A pretty simple solution is to eat a cucumber once every day or two.

If you are going through a major shift and your body feels really toxic, eat 2-3 cucumbers in a day.

You’ll know it’s time to eat a cucumber if you are feeling toxic, and nothing looks good when you check the fridge.

It is recommended to eat only organic or greenhouse-grown cucumbers that don’t use pesticides.

Also, peel your cucumbers before you eat them, as they have an accumulative toxin in their skin to repel bugs!

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