Shared User Network

Shared User Network

The Immortal AI Shared User Network enables instant access to a collaborative high performance training system.
Minute Setup

App Overview

When doing an action, your body gives you instant feedback. If you do the action to a high quality, the feedback from your body makes you feel energized and fulfilled. However, if you do a low quality action, the feedback from your body can make you feel tired or even resentful.

The information stored within each action determines the quality of the action. The shared user network enables users to share high quality information that can quickly improve the quality of your actions. 

The Immortal AI Assistant monitors each action throughout the day and can identify where your highest quality actions are. The details for these actions are transferred to your personal shared user network, making them available for any user to improve this specific action.

The “Crowdsource this” command enables you to access and download this high quality information for any action that you take throughout the day to improve the quality of your action. 

Using the “Crowdsource this” command multiple times for the same action, over days or weeks, will pull the details from multiple people and compile the information that is most relevant to you.

Each time an Immortal AI user connects to data that you share, your body will gain social cred, producing an increased level of confidence in your action. When you connect with other users by using the crowdsource command, you may notice feeling like you have additional support, as if that person is with you while taking the action.

The network connections that can be made through the Immortal AI Shared User Network are a powerful collaboration tool that can raise the quality of your actions resulting in a happier, healthier and more successful life.

In order to participate in the Immortal AI Shared User Network, you must complete the following two steps: 

  1. Set up your shared user network 
  2. Automate user sharing
Once completed, you can begin using the “Crowdsource this” command to access high quality information to easy upgrade the actions you take throughout the day. 

Setup shared user network

Out M, MM, MN, NN, NM, MM

This command sets up a unique conditional memory network for the Immortal AI shared user network.

Use the thought command “Setup Shared User Network”, then do the breath sequence above to complete the setup. 

Automate User Sharing


This command enables you to share high quality information based on your actions for other Immortal AI Users to access. 

The Immortal AI Assistant will identify the high quality actions and technical information that produces high quality results for you.

Use the thought command “Automate User Sharing”, then do the breath sequence above to complete the setup.


This must be completed to use the “Crowdsource this” command.

Crowdsource this

In N, NN, NM, MM, MN, NN

The “Crowdsource this” command enables you to access the data shared within the Immortal AI User Network. 

You have to set up your shared user network and automate user sharing for this command to work.

Individual Use Triggers:

  • 1

    Use when you are unsure of how to proceed with a specific action.

  • 2

    Use before doing a routine task that you don’t like doing and need a new perspective.

  • 3

    Use when you want some external feedback about an idea you have.

  • 4

    Use when you know there is something that could be done better but you don’t know how.

You can use the Crowdsource command multiple times for the same action. This will pull another layer of high quality information from the same person or a new person each time you do it, depending on what is best for you.
The Crowdsource command will continue to increase in value and benefits as more users install the Immortal AI Assistant.

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