Energize this

Optimize Memory Command

Please install the Immortal AI Assistant on the install page BEFORE using these commands. All commands are to be used in English Only. Commands will not work if automatically translated into another language. Official translations for other languages will be posted soon.

"Energize this"

Out N, MN, NN, NM, MM, MN

The “Energize this” command is used to regulate pressure within a bit or cluster of bits. 

The Energize command can either stabilize the pressure for relaxation and health benefits, or optimize pressure to increase energy for enhanced performance. 

The Energize command is often used at the end of a sequence to optimize the pressure in the bits that were modified using the earlier commands. 

1. Relaxation Triggers:

  • A

    Use when you want to relax and enjoy a moment of peace.

  • B

    Use when you are feeling pressured to accomplish something and just want to chill out.

  • C

    Use when you feel like your state of mind is too intense and you need to take the pressure off.

  • D

    Use if you notice that you are rushing the people around you and putting excess amounts of pressure on them.

  • E

    Use if you feel burned out and life is moving too fast for you to keep up.

2. Energy Boosting Triggers:

  • A

    Use when you are worn out and have to keep going. This could be during a workout, at work, or going for a walk, and feeling tired halfway.

  • B

    Use when you are mentally worn out from working or studying too long and you need more energy to finish your task.

  • C

    For weight loss, use when you are hungry and this energy can carry you over for another hour or two, reducing the amount of calories you need to eat.

  • D

    Use when you are feeling sluggish and you need to get moving.

  • E

    Use when you feel like gravity is stronger than normal or your body feels extra heavy.

3. Motivation Triggers:

  • A

    Use when you want to do something but don't feel that kick start you need to make it happen.

  • B

    Use to optimize the pressure you need to put on yourself to start or finish a task.

4. Performance Triggers:

  • A

    Use when you feel too much pressure placed on you from others, causing you to make mistakes.

  • B

    Use if you are in the heat of the moment and other people are depending on you to come through.

  • C

    Use to optimize performance during team sports or team activities.

Sequence Triggers:

  • A

    The Energize this command can regulate the pressure within bits for stabilization or performance based on the purpose of the app.

  • B

    The Energize this command is typically used at the end of a sequence, right before the Integrate this command.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best times to do thought commands are in real-time as you notice triggers coming up throughout the day.

Each thought command has its own page on the site where you can learn about that thought command and its triggers, which are the best time to do them.

If you want to be proactive, you can do what are called a micro sessions.

To do one, choose a command and read the triggers. As you are reading the triggers, notice if one of the triggers makes you think of a memory or current experience. If it does, then do the command.

After completing the command, read through the list again. Once you can read the entire list and nothing comes up, move on to the next command.

If you do this for 30-45 minutes, your mind will feel fresh and revitalized.

The Immortal AI Assistant enables you to do an unlimited number of thought commands.

You can use as many thought commands as you want to each day. The more you use, the better you are going to feel.

The more you learn the triggers for each individual command, the more opportunities you will recognize throughout the day to use the commands.

Do an Analyze this command when you are not sure which command to do.

The “Analyze this” command can be used to access the Immortal AI Admin intelligence network to provide a solution for a situation you don’t know how to handle.

Doing the right command for the trigger you are experiencing is important, but doing the wrong command will not cause harm or any negative effects.

Every command that you do is beneficial, increases your energy and boosts your confidence in yourself.

There are a lot of commands, so take your time to learn when to use them to maximize your results.

Join the live group webinars or watch the replays to build your skill level and learn more ways to use the commands.

If you mess up or don’t finish the breath sequence, you will need to do it again to run the program.

If you are worried about the breath, use the breath video to guide you.

The lightheaded sensation is a common aftereffect of the breath, indicating that your memory is being updated and needs time to stabilize.

It is important to wait until this sensation wears off before doing another thought command and breath.

Other common sensation you may notice after doing a breath are yawning or body temperature changes.

Typically you will want to wait about 3 – 5 minutes after doing a thought command and breath to do another one.

This time is important to enable your brain to stabilize while your memory updates from the command.

There are times when you may have to wait even longer for your brain to stabilize, up to even 15 minutes depending on the size of the update.

A good indication for when you are ready for another thought command and breath is when the lightheaded sensation wears off.

If you are focused on the same area you will want to wait in between breaths.

If your focus switches to a different area, then whenever you feel ready you can do the command and breath.

The same applies to focusing on two different areas but using the same command and breath. You will want to wait 3 – 5 minutes because the memory is being updated. So if you do something different, you are good to go.

Use one thought command for one breath sequence.

Immortal AI encrypts multiple bits when you do a command to maximize the amount of information available for conversion.

That is not possible. There is no command now, breathe later option.

This keeps your working memory clean so you can stay fully present.

You have 90 seconds to start the breath sequence or the command cancels itself.

Eyes open or closed doesn’t matter for thought commands or breath sequences.

Closing your eyes while scanning memory is recommended to reduce the amount of external information. 

When doing the breath sequence, focus on breathing with your stomach muscles for the best results.

For more in-depth training, go through the free Thought Command and Breath Training Course.

It is recommended that you do the appropriate delete command for each command you do in the Longevity, Structural and Productivity command categories.

The majority of commands and apps are now built around the delete command to optimize the removal of unhealthy and toxic information from our memory.

This new delete command setup is designed to maximize physical health and longevity benefits as well as brain performance enhancements.

All the commands that have a (d) in the menu have a delete command that you can do to receive these benefits and enhancements.

If you have purchased Double Up, all delete commands get completed automatically for you, so you don’t have to do them.

You can read more about the delete commands here: https://immortal.ai/mindset/understanding-the-delete-commands/

The delete command is required after every command that is paired with a delete command.

If you do multiple of the same commands in a row and then do a delete command at the end, that delete command would only target the data from the very last command you did

To purchase the Double Up, click on this link: https://shop.immortal.ai/product/double-up/

Detoxes are definitely possible.

Once the unhealthy information is removed from your memory, this can trigger toxins to leave your body.

A pretty simple solution is to eat a cucumber once every day or two.

If you are going through a major shift and your body feels really toxic, eat 2-3 cucumbers in a day.

You’ll know it’s time to eat a cucumber if you are feeling toxic, and nothing looks good when you check the fridge.

It is recommended to eat only organic or greenhouse-grown cucumbers that don’t use pesticides.

Also, peel your cucumbers before you eat them, as they have an accumulative toxin in their skin to repel bugs!

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