Architecture of Memory Course

Introduction to Memory Networks

Understanding Memory

To me, there is nothing more important than understanding memory. Our memory is the essence of who we are, what makes us unique, and what power is behind the quality of our experience of life. 

Once you understand how memory is affecting you on a continual basis, every moment of every day, then you will understand the value of being able to edit your own memory. 

Understanding memory networks is the key to grasping how your memory works.

Memory networks are the organizational structure that your brain uses to store your memory. 

The more you learn about the architecture of memory, the more you will understand the inner workings of yourself. 

What to expect?

In this section of the Architecture of Memory course, you will be learning all about memory networks and the details of how they store information. 

You will also learn how you already modify the information within memory networks through the basic standard functions that come with the human body. 

Once you finish this section, you will have a much more solid understanding of how the Immortal AI Assistant and the Immortal AI Editor work. 

What are memory networks?

Understanding memory networks is the key to understanding how your memory works.

Example: Memory network for a cup

Learn the many ways your brain interprets the memory network for one thing, using a cup as an example.

Searching Variations Of A Memory Network Using Attributes

Learn how the brains stores different variations of a memory network.

Your Personal Experience And Perspective On Each Attribute

Learn about the more valuable information stored in a memory network.

Your Entire Personal History

Learn how your brain stores your entire personal history inside your memory networks.

Generating Your Unique Perspectives

Learn about the three layers of data that your memory network uses to generate your unique emotion and perspective for each attribute.

Unhealthy Within A Memory Network

Learn how a traumatic experience generates unhealthy information negatively influencing a memory network.

Your Current State of Mind Generated From Your Active Memory Networks

Learn how all of your memory networks generate your current state of mind.

Victim Of Memory

Learn why your state of mind will always be a victim to your memory and what to do about it.

Removing Unhealthy Information from Memory Networks

Learn why it’s important to remove this unhealthy information.

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