Memory Activation Course

Introduction to Scanning

What is Scanning Memory?

Scanning memory is something that you already do on a constant basis.

Scanning is simply the act of using your mind to focus on a specific type of information within your memory.

With scanning, you are going into a specific type of memory looking for a certain type of information that you want to edit.

Scanning is used by the Immortal AI Assistant as a method to register information within your working memory that will be edited with commands. 

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to develop your scanning ability.
  • how to access the most powerful information that influences your life today.
  • how to fine-tune your results with scanning.

The Importance of Scanning

Learn how to develop your scanning ability and how the long term benefits of scanning enhance your life. 

The art of scanning

Learn the details for how to quickly improve your ability to scan memories. 

scanning your timeline

Learn how to scan your timeline to access the most powerful information that influences your life today. 

Scanning Your Self

Learn the different parts of your personal experience that can be scanned to fine-tune your results. 

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