Memory Activation Course

The Importance of Scanning

What is Scanning Memory?

Scanning memory is something that you already do on a constant basis.

Scanning is simply the act of using your mind to focus on a specific type of information within your memory.

With scanning, you are going into a specific type of memory looking for a certain type of information that you want to edit.

Scanning is used by the Immortal AI Assistant as a method to register information within your working memory that will be edited with commands. 

Who's the Boss?

Scanning is a very conscious, proactive practice that establishes that you are the person in charge when it comes to all information stored within your memory. 

You decide what information you keep, and what information you remove. 

Be selective, don’t settle for good enough, aim for greatness, you are worth it. 

You are the leader of your internal world. 

Even a trauma filled memory can produce a peaceful blissed out feeling of accomplishment once you have completely optimized it. 

Developing the Skill

Scanning is a skill that you develop through consistent practice. 

There are many different layers of memory that store an endless array of unique information. 

As you develop your skill for scanning information within memory, you will notice your ability to scan and access multiple layers of information in real-time will increase.

Enhancing your experience in the real world

As you use scanning to train your brain to access the various layers of information within each past memory, you are also enhancing your senses to access information in the external world. 

Once you understand all of the different layers of information stored within a memory, you can select them with scanning to upgrade your brain’s ability to detect this type of information in the real world. 

  • Would you like to be more conscious about a certain part of your life? 
  • Do you want to feel more compassion for other people? 
  • Does your sense of taste seem dull compared to your friends?
  • Would you like to understand what is driving the interactions between group dynamics?

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