Memory Activation Course

Scanning Your Timeline

Understanding how the timeline works

Your personal history is stored within a timeline. 

As you age, you learn from previous experiences and refine who you are. 

Your most recent memories are programming that will determine how you interact within future experiences. 

If you want to change a part of your life today. The best memories you can optimize are the ones within the last few days. 

Your current memories is where the most influential programming is

In the majority of psychological training programs or mental health techniques, the objective is to always find the most intense past memories and resolve them. 

Your past memories are influential, but only as a foundation that all current memories are built on. 

If you had a trauma occur 15 years ago in a relationship and it has influenced all of your interactions in every relationship since, the idea is to heal that trauma from 15 years ago. 

However, when you really break down what is occurring in your relationship today, it is a series of actions and interactions based on a belief system supported by a trauma.  

A 15 year habit is not going to change from healing a memory from 15 years ago. 

A habit changes from evaluating a single action that you have taken within the last few days that didn’t have positive results. 

Once you scan and evaluate the single action, you can use commands to remove the unhealthy information that supports that action. 

Once the unhealthy information is removed, you will gain a new perspective that you can use the next time you take that same action. 

Once the opportunity for that action arises, you can notice how your action has naturally shifted and evaluate it again. 

Do you need to scan and optimize the action further to get an even higher quality action, or does this one make you feel solid?

Going back to an old trauma and removing the unhealthy information from it will be beneficial overall, but it’s not going to change a 15 year habit caused from the trauma. 

To change your life today, stick to memories within the last few days. 

Stay present for the best results

Why wait for a few days to do a big evaluation when you can take a few minutes after every interaction. 

After every interaction you have during the day, you can quickly scan through on what you didn’t like and use a Control command for it. 

Then you scan what you did like and use an Explore command on it. 

If you gain a new perspective you like but feel old conflicting thoughts come up, use a Dissect command. 

Upgrade your memories after every interaction for continuous improvements in every area of your life. 


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