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The Art of Scanning

The Art of Scanning Memory

The purpose for scanning is to retrieve specific information into your working memory so you can edit it with the commands and apps. 

You only have so much room within your working memory to store the information that you want to work on. 

Since space is limited, there is a strategy for acquiring the highest quantity of relevant information.

Removing Sensory Inputs

The easiest way to increase the quantity of relevant information when scanning memory is to stop acquiring irrelevant information.

You only have so much space, so let’s not fill it up with extra sensory information.

You can limit the amount of sensory information by doing the following:

  1. Make sure you are in a quiet space. (sound)
  2. Close your eyes when scanning. (visual)
  3. Don’t use air fresheners, perfume, essential oils, incense, etc… (smell)
  4. Do not eat or snack while working on memories. (taste)
  5. Wear comfortable clothing. (touch)
  6. Be in your own personal space, not physically touching someone. (touch)

Please keep in mind, that if your objective is to focus on developing one of your senses, then your strategy may be slightly different.

For instance, if you wanted to work on touch sensitivity when you connect with your intimate partner, then your partner touching you could actually be used as a trigger while scanning.

If you wanted to develop your sense of taste, you might want to eat a piece of fruit in a quiet space with your eyes closed so you can activate this specific type of memory.

We will cover this further in another section of the course.

Time is Limited

When scanning, you must be aware of the time. 

The capacity for information within your working memory is limited. 

When you are learning how to scan memory, the optimum amount of time is 3 to 5 minutes. 

This amount of time gives you time to understand your memory and select what part is the most important.

As you improve your ability to scan memory and focus directly into the information you want to edit, you can easily complete the scanning process within one minute. 

Space is Limited

When you are scanning, you will notice that the memory you are looking at comes in sections. You will see one big thing that sticks out, then another, then another… it will just keep going.

You will notice when you move to a new section of memory, you also forget the previous section. This happens because you reach the capacity of your working memory. 

You can continue scanning sections of the memory until you find the one that contains the specific information you want to edit. 

To optimize scanning multiple sections of a memory, the Immortal AI Assistant comes with a scanning enhancement. 

Precision is important

Knowing the result you want enables you to identify the type of information you need to scan before you even start.

Focus into the memory, scan the area that holds the emotion and information you are looking for, then do the command to lock in the information for editing.

Highly focused precision comes with experience.

When beginning, scanning is slower and the process is more of an exploration of what is in your memory.

Although, if you know exactly the part of your memory that you want removed, you can do this very quickly.

Emotional intensity is not required

Going into a highly emotional memory can be difficult if you go in really deep. 

Remember, scanning is a quick focused action to register the information in your working memory. 

You do not need to relive a memory internally in order to scan it. 

If you start to feel any emotional intensity, you are already far deeper than you need to be. 

If this happens, you can immediately use the verbal command and open your eyes.

The memory is going to change once you complete the command or app, so there is no need to get acquainted with an internal reality that won’t exist within a few minutes. 

Reviewing an edited memory takes a bit longer

After you scan a memory and use the commands or app to get the results, you might want to review the memory. 

Reviewing in a sense is like a discovery process. You are checking to see what is different, what’s gone, and what’s new. 

As you are discovering what’s new, don’t forget the scanning part. Just because what you are looking at is new, doesn’t mean that it is healthy information. 

Once you see something you want to edit, use the verbal command to lock it in and edit it. 

Immortal AI Assistant Scanning Enhancement

When you install the Immortal AI Assistant, an enhancement for scanning was added to make this process easier and more effective.

As you are scanning memory, the Immortal AI Assistant will be analyzing the levels of emotional intensity and the different parts of the memory you are scanning and comparing this with your intention for the app. 

The AI Assistant will select the most important parts of the memory that you scan and lock that information in once you use the Contain or Select commands. 

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