Thought Command and

Breath Training Course

Learn how the thought commands work and improve your breath skills to maximize the benefits for every command you do.

What you will learn

To use the Immortal AI assistant to optimize the information in your memory, you use thought commands and breath sequences.

Each thought command has a specific breath sequence that provides the type of energy required to run the program for that command.

Doing the breath sequence properly is required to generate the maximum amount of energy.

The higher the quality of the breath sequence, the more energy you will generate, producing greater results.

This course will provide you with a more in depth understanding of thought commands as well as breath training to maximize energy production.

Section 1

Thought Commands

0 Lessons
0 Minutes

Introduction To Thought Commands

Learn how thought commands can help you improve your state of mind. 

Learn how to use the Website

Learn how to use the website for doing thought commands.

Use Precision

Learn why precision is important with the thought commands when doing them.

Command Status

Learn about the development statuses for the thought commands.

Editing Your Memory

Learn about the different methods used to edit your memory.

Section 2

Breath Training

0 Lessons
0 Minutes

Introduction To Breath Training

Learn why training your breath is so important.

Stop for 2 Minutes and Focus

You are important, take the time to optimize your state of mind. 

Breathe With Your Stomach Muscles

Learn how to breathe with your stomach muscles to generate more energy.

Advanced: Pressurizing Your Breath

Learn how to pressurize your breath for maximum energy

Core's Personal Breath Strategy

Core shares his personal experience and strategies for doing breath sequences. 

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