Verbal Command and Breath Training Course

Advanced: Pressurizing Your Breath

Using pressure to optimize your breath

The final component to maximizing energy generation with your breath is learning to pressurize your breath.

This training takes a lot of practice to do effectively. This is not something you will be able to learn in just a few hours. 

To pressurize your breathing sequence for maximum energy:

  • 1

    When exhaling, empty your lungs, then breathe out further to create a vacuum.

  • 2

    When inhaling, fill your lungs, then breathe in a bit more to pressurize your lungs.

  • 3

    Feel the sine wave (curvature of pressure) at the top and bottom of the breaths as your body naturally switches the pressure from breathing in-to-out and out-to-in.

Controlling the flow of pressure

When you pressurize your breath, your body will want to automatically breathe in/out fast with high pressure and it will feel out of control. 

You need to regulate the speed and pressure, to control the timing of the breath to four seconds. 


Practice with each type of breath combination

To ensure maximum energy generation, practice your breathing technique for each of the following combinations used in the breath sequences:

Mouth – Mouth

Mouth – Nose

Nose – Nose

Nose – Mouth

I will add a demonstration video to this lesson soon.

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