Verbal Command and Breath Training Course

Breathe with Your Stomach Muscles

Use your stomach Muscles to breathe

Focusing on your stomach muscles as you breathe is the most important technique to generate the most energy for the verbal commands. 

Breathing with your stomach muscles also improves your digestion and metabolism. 

Breathing with your stomach muscles strengthens your core, enabling you to feel more solid in your body and improves your posture. 

Breathing with your stomach muscles means you use your stomach to push air out as you exhale and pull air in as you inhale.

Five Tips for using your stomach muscles to breathe

  • 1

    Notice if your shoulders and going up and down while you breathe. They should remain still.

  • 2

    Your belly should be moving in and out as you are breathing. You can place your hands on your belly as you breathe to be more aware of the in and out movement.

  • 3

    Use your stomach muscles to adjust the pressure and the speed of your breath to ensure you breathe all the way in and out for each breath.

  • 4

    You need to breathe all the way empty and all the way full for each breath.

  • 5

    Always ensure that you start the sequence by emptying or filling your lungs.

Breathing with your stomach muscles might be a new practice for you.

If so, it will most likely feel like a work out, uncomfortable, weird, or even achy.

This is how it typically feels at first, but as you practice breathing this way, you will get used to it, your stomach muscles will grow stronger, and your breath will generate more energy!

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