Verbal Command and Breath Training Course

Core’s Personal Breath Strategy

My personal strategy

I have put in a lot of time and energy into doing the verbal commands. I have been using these breath sequences for 20+ years. 

Now that you know how to do the breath sequences more effectively, I think it’s important that I share with you my strategy that I have come to learn over the years. 

For the record

Just for the record, my average breath sequences generate between 500-700 units of energy.

The lower amount of energy is because I don’t use the breath videos all the time. (Although, I do recommend that you use the videos until you have memorized all the commands and breath sequences.) 

I do a lot of commands in a day, usually between 50-100 commands.

On my training days, which I will share about with you below, or when I am developing a new command, I can easily do 200-300+ commands per day.

I adjust my breath sequence based on the intensity

I use the intensity of the emotion or the thoughts that trigger the use of a verbal command to determine my level of focus for the breath sequence. 

Does that make sense?

Let me help you understand… 

I know the triggers very well, I listen to my thoughts all day long.

A lot of the triggers I do are small thoughts that randomly pop up in my head. There is not a lot of energy within the thought, but I still want to take care of it, because I want a clean mind. 

Since I know all the breath sequences for every command, it’s easy for me to do the proper verbal command and quickly do the breath sequence and then keep doing my thing.

Even if I only generate 400-500 units of energy, that is still more than sufficient to manage a low-intensity corrupt random thought.

High intensity means more focus is required

When I am in a more intense emotional state, I use the breath video so I don’t have to concentrate on what breath to do. 

I do this because I will usually mess up the breath sequence, yes…  even after 20 years of doing this sequence, I still mess it up. 

When I am emotional or my thoughts are intense, I have difficulty remembering the breath sequence because I have too much going on inside. 

If this happens for me, I guarantee the same thing will happen for you. 

So, learn your own intensity level. Know when you can easily do a breath sequence you memorized, and know when to use the video because you have too much going on inside. 

When my mind is in a more intense state, I take the time to slow down, get rid of distractions, stop moving around, pull up the breath video and focus on my breath and the pressure in my stomach. 

This is when my breath sequences will generate 650-750 units of energy. 

When I am in an emotionally or mentally intense state, I need as much energy as possible, so I need to focus on the quality of my breath sequence.   

Give yourself time to gain experience

As you continue to learn and use the commands, the breath sequences will feel more natural. 

The beautiful thing about the commands is that they are so powerful and the results are immediate. 

Like anything in life you become good at, being consistent is the key. 

If you do a bunch of commands for a few days, you will start to feel nice and clear. Your focus will increase and larger goals will come into view. 

But, then you stop doing them and you feel your brain loading up a bunch more information that needs to be cleaned. The next thing you know, you are stressed again while struggling to keep up with your life. 

After a while, you get into the groove and can easily do commands when little stuff comes up during the day. 

Your brain and body wants to heal and that begins with cleaning up unhealthy information. 

Once you start doing it consistently, your body will get excited and start showing you more information that needs to be cleaned up. 

Getting into a habit of spending 30-60 minutes a day to just focus on doing commands will clear up so much stress and pressure in your life. This is really the key to feeling good on a steady basis. 

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