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Editing Your Memory

Editing the data within your memory

The Immortal AI Assistant enables you to edit the information stored within your memory using verbal commands.

By focusing into a specific memory or group of memories for an area of your life, you can produce a significant difference in your state of mind. 

Through using and combining different commands together in  a sequence (Apps), you can achieve very powerful results in a short period time. 

This lesson will talk about the different methods that you can use to edit your memory and why they are important. 

Commands can modify three tiers of information

Each verbal command will run a specific program to modify your memory in a unique way.

When you access your memory, there are three tiers of information that make up the foundation of your memory.

Tier 1: Bits 

Bits are the individual units that hold the data that is modified. The verbal commands are used to modify a very select group of bits. When the health of these bits is changed, they can shift the health of an entire Bit cluster. This produces a significant change in your state of mind after doing a command or completing an app.

Tier 2: Bit Clusters 

Bit Clusters are groups of bits held together based on bit parameters such as the health, source of information, and energy vs information ratio. Bit Clusters are also held together based on a person’s rulesets, beliefs, values, reasoning and decisions for how reality operates.

Typically, when you look at an area of your life within your mind, you are looking at multiple clusters of memories. The health and unique perspective generated within a bit cluster is based on the collective information stored within the group of bits.

Tier 3: Memory Networks 

A memory network can be made up of thousands of clusters of bits based on the amount of information you have acquired on a single subject.

Your brain creates a memory network for each unique noun, such as a person, place or thing, as well as each verb, such as actions you take, or complex procedures you follow to attain a goal or interact with a noun.

Each verbal command will typically modify the data within one tier, although a few of the commands can modify data within two or even all three tiers.

The six methods used to modify your memory

All of the Immortal AI commands use one or more of the following six methods to modify the data stored within your memory.

The objective for all of the commands is to improve the health of a memory network, stabilize the emotional state, and increase the range of information the user can see to make higher quality decisions. 

Filtering out unhealthy information

A command can be used to filter out three types of unhealthy information from within bits. The unhealthy information is compressed and prepared for removal using the Delete command. All commands with a (d) in the menu use filtering.

The Longevity commands only use filtering to remove unhealthy information. 

Regulating pressure

Regulating Pressure: A command can regulate pressure within the bits. Lowering pressure may be used to reduce emotional intensity and enable relaxation. Increasing pressure can be used to enhance motivation and productivity. 

The Structural and Productivity commands use filtering as well as regulate pressure. 

The Energize command only regulates pressure to optimize relaxation and/or stimulation. 

Using encryption

The two main encryption commands (Contain and Select) are used to isolate multiple clusters of bits so the user can complete a complex sequence of commands (App). 

The encryption commands can also be used to help the user focus on what they are doing for a longer period of time. 

Encryption is used to prevent the brain’s normal processes from disrupting the editing of information.

When you give the verbal command, encryption is used to isolate the specific type of information in your memory. Once the breath sequence is completed and the program finishes editing the information, the encryption is removed, enabling you to view the updated information.

Retrieving information

A command can be used to retrieve specific types of information that can enhance your current perspective.

Information can be retrieved from specific parts of your own memory.

Information can also be retrieved from external sources, such as the Shared User Network, with the Crowdsource command.

The Internal and External Support commands primarily retrieve information.

Storing information

The Integrate command enhances the way memory is stored and read by the memory network, by adding a new hierarchy function.

The hierarchy function affects how information is stored within bits and bit clusters as well as the order that the memory network reads the bit clusters. 

Typically, the memory network will read data based on quantity. The hierarchy function enables you to prioritize newly edited information to make the changes you desire to occur easier and faster. 

The Remind Me command also enhances the storage of data within bits, enabling for fast retrieval of important information you don’t want to forget.

Removing information

The Delete and Dissect commands remove information from your memory. These commands produce the most powerful longevity benefits. 

All of the commands in the menu with a (d) have a Delete command at the bottom of the command page. There are three different Delete breath sequences based on the type of bit the information that is being deleted from. 

Removing this data frees up the physical space and energy required to store that information, making the Delete command a vital component for Longevity benefits.

Removing enough data from bits enables multiple bits to merge together producing high energy, high performance bits.

The Dissect command removes unhealthy information associated with bit clusters, such as rulesets, and unhealthy connections you have made between different types of information. 

The Dissect command removes unhealthy information (rulesets, belief systems, etc…) that holds clusters of unhealthy bits together, reducing the size of the cluster and the impact it has on your state of mind and health.

Longevity Benefits

The majority of verbal commands focus on filtering and removing unhealthy information to improve the health of your memory networks. Your memory networks are directly connected to your physical, emotional and mental health.  

Unhealthy information occupies space within bits. Once enough unhealthy information is removed, the bits have the ability to merge together, producing high performance bits. 

Multiplying high quality information by merging healthy bits also increases the energy for the user. 

Producing as many of these high performance bits as possible is the main objective. 

This results in increased brain processing power, the ability to see more information at once to make better decisions, feeling better on a constant basis, having more energy to be productive, and even enhancing your senses so life feels more alive and magical, like when you were young. 

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