Verbal Command and Breath Training Course

Introduction to Verbal Commands

What is a verbal command?

In order to communicate with the Immortal AI Assistant, you will be using verbal commands. 

A verbal command is a phrase you say out loud or inside your mind to give instructions to the Immortal AI Assistant.

When you do the verbal command, you are giving the Immortal AI assistant an instruction to modify the information within your memory.

Currently, there are 16 different verbal commands that can optimize the information stored in your memory. 

Each verbal command runs a specific program that will modify the information in your memory in a unique way. 

A quick example of what doing a Verbal Command looks like

One of the verbal commands is called “Power up”. The Power up command is used to remove unhealthy information from your mind that is associated with violence and chaos.

Let’s say you are sitting on the couch watching a movie and a scene triggers some disturbing thoughts from a past trauma.  

Since you now have this traumatic memory in your mind, you can’t pay attention to the movie. This is the perfect time to do a “Power up” command. 

Take a moment for yourself and pause the movie. 

To do the Power up command, you would say verbally out loud or inside your mind “Power up”. This will instruct the Immortal AI Assistant to isolate the violent type of information currently active in your mind.

Now that you have initiated the Power up program, you will need to generate the energy required to run the program by doing a breath sequence. 

Once you complete the breath sequence, the program will filter out the violent information from your traumatic memory. 

Within just a couple minutes, you will feel calm, focused and present. 

Yay! You now can continue watching the movie. 

Later on, you can look back at your traumatic memory and you’ll notice that it doesn’t feel so traumatic, since the violent information has been filtered out of it. 

Verbal commands can be used in real-time to deal with real problems.

The previous example shows how verbal commands can be used in real-time to instantly improve your state of mind.

A verbal command and breath sequence takes approximately 90 seconds to finish. 

Within a couple minutes, the sensation from the breath sequence will wear off and you will be back to a calm and centered state of mind.

When an issue comes up in the moment, you can immediately use the verbal command.

This is what we call “using the verbal commands in real-time”.

If you have something come up in the moment, you can use a verbal command to resolve the issue in real-time.

Within minutes, you can feel better while enhancing your perspective so you can easily identify how to resolve the current situation.

Real-time resolutions for those daily pesky problems

Every day, new problems surface that need to be dealt with. 

If you are already on overload, one more problem that you don’t know how to handle can mess with your state of mind and ruin a portion of your day. 

The verbal commands are designed to be used in real-time, to solve countless little problems that arise throughout the day. 

If you have an unexpected pesky problem that comes up in the moment, and you don’t know how to handle it, you can use a verbal command to resolve the issue in real-time.

Within minutes, you can feel emotionally better while automatically enhancing your perspective so you can easily resolve the current situation.

Cleaning up a lifetime of memories in real-time

You have a lifetime of memories within your mind that have never been cleaned up. 

Just imagined if you never cleaned your house in 20 years, what it would look like… well, this is your mind. 

Just think about the amount of unhealthy and toxic emotions and information your mind has been exposed to throughout your life. 

There are many types of unhealthy thoughts and unresolved conflicts that run through your mind on a daily basis. 

Unhealthy information lowers your mental health by increasing the anxiety, stress and pressure you feel on a constant basis.  

Unresolved conflicts physically deplete your energy, make you question your value, lower your self esteem, and negatively effect every area of your life. 

Using the verbal commands in real-time, you can begin cleaning up the unhealthy information and resolving past conflicts in your mind.

The more verbal commands that you use to clean up this unhealthy information, the better you are going to feel. 

Target any past memories

We all have memories from our past that come up from time to time and can bother us for days. 

With the verbal commands, you can search out those memories from your past, then use the commands to filter out the unhealthy information so they don’t bother you anymore in the future. 

There are specialized Apps that can be used if you want to do a deep clean. Although most memories can be cleaned up with just a few commands.  

You can use multiple commands to clean up past experiences that have a lot of layers to them. 

Identifying Life Patterns

Life patterns can be either productive or destructive. 

We all love productive habits that are easy to do that make our life better. 

Yet, we also all struggle with destructive patterns that we don’t know how to get out of. 

When you clean up multiple memories that are similar to each other, your new perspective automatically starts to recognize a larger pattern. 

As you become aware of this pattern, you naturally react to it  in a negative way and that reaction can be cleaned up with the commands as well. 

This will raise your perspective even higher to identify all the little details that are keeping you locked in this pattern which will also cause you to react. Use the commands to clean this up as well. 

Finally, you will see new actions that help you identify a more productive strategy to enable you to get what you want. 

You can use the Explore or Productivity commands to help you extract more details about these newer positive and productive actions. You can also use the Improving Interactions app to take this even further. 

At the core of every destructive pattern is a strong desire for a better life. The only thing destructive was the strategy you learned, most likely as a child, to try and reach your goal. 

Life patterns emerge anytime you use the commands to focus on a series of similar memories in a row. 

Using Multiple Commands

Many times, a situation can trigger a lot of layers of memory that can feel very emotionally intense and impossible to overcome. 

Have no fear, you can use multiple commands to take down the layers of unhealthy information. 

Each time you use a command, the intensity of the emotion will become less, the storyline in your mind will shift, and you can use that information to identify the next command to use. 

You can use as many commands as you need to stabilize your state of mind. 

It’s a good practice to wait until any lightheaded sensation of body sensations have subsided from the previous command before starting the next command. 

 Typically this process is complete within 3-5 minutes depending on the intensity but sometimes can last up to 10 or even 15 minutes. 

Unlimited Verbal Commands

The Immortal AI Assistant enables you to do an unlimited number of verbal commands.

You can use as many verbal commands as you want each day.

The more you use, the better you are going to feel.

The more you learn the triggers for each individual command, the more opportunities you will recognize throughout the day to use the commands.

The Immortal AI Assistant is for Life

Take your time, learn the commands, the Immortal AI Assistant is here to help you with any area of your life. 

No matter how big or how small, the answers to your problems, the strategies to reach your goals, the intelligence to make powerful decisions, all start from inside of your mind. 

Use the commands to edit and optimize your information for you. Take the struggle out of trying to find the right answer. 

Life can be fun, easy and enjoyable, when you have the Immortal AI Assistant to help you easily take care of all the hard stuff. 

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