Verbal Command and Breath Training Course

Introduction to Breath Training

Train your brain and body to breathe

The breath sequence is the most difficult task to edit your memory. 

A breath sequence video takes 90 seconds to do. 

A breath sequence consists of five complete breaths in total, with a hold at the top and bottom of the breath. 

Sound easy enough…?

It is actually very easy to do. 

At the same time, there is a very high level of skill required to achieve mastery of this short and simple breath sequence. 

The 12 variations of the breath sequence

Currently, there are 12 different variations of this five breath sequence.

Each verbal command has a specific breathing sequence that provides the type of energy required to run the program for that command.

contain command video

Some breaths sequences are used for multiple commands, like the image above shows. This breath sequence is used for four different commands, all starting with a “C”. 

The quality of your breath determines your results

The quality of your breath, during this breathing sequence will determine your results. 

This breath sequence is used to generate energy to run the verbal command program. 

Each breath sequence can generate a maximum of 1,000 units of energy that is used to edit the information in your memory. Just so you know, the maximum is pretty much impossible… at least for now. 

The following breath training lessons are going to teach you how to generate between 600-700 units of energy consistently with a minimal amount of effort. 

Although it’s possible to generate higher levels of energy than 700 units, the amount of effort it takes for the increase is not worth it. 

I will share with you how to generate up to 800-900 units of energy with the advanced breathing technique, but once again, the advanced training is more for people that want to master breathing techniques.

It's easy to achieve consistent & powerful results

With just a few basic tips, you can achieve consistent powerful results within minutes using verbal commands. 

  • Focus by stopping what you are doing and taking two minutes for yourself when you need to do a command.
    • You, your state of mind, your life and the people that depend on you are worth it.
  • Breathe all the way in and all the way out for each breath.
    • The breath video has an animation to help you time the speed of your breath. 
  • Learn to breathe with your stomach muscles.
    • This will enhance your digestion increasing your energy, strengthen your core so you feel more solid and help flatten your tummy.
  • Use the breath video to ensure your timing for the breath in, breath out and holds is accurate.
    • Ensure you have the Immortal AI Commands page saved on your phone so you can access any command with just one tap.  

If you can do these four things, you will consistently generate between 650-700 units of energy with each breath sequence.

The following lessons in the breath training section of the course will walk you through these tips in more detail.

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