Verbal Command and Breath Training Course

Learn How to Use the Website

Learn how to use the Website for Commands

The website has been optimized for laptops and mobile phones so you can easily access the commands and breath sequences. 

This lesson will explain the details for how to use the website for verbal commands and breath sequences to gain the most benefits. 

The Command Menu - Laptop and Desktop

command menu desktop

For laptops and desktop computers, you can access all of the commands by placing your mouse on the command link in the menu at the top of the page. 

From here, you can access any of the command pages. 

The Command Menu - Mobile Phones

commands menu mobile2
commands menu mobile1

For mobile phones, you can access the command menu at the bottom of your screen when you are on the main commands page or any individual command page. 

Click the Select Command button and the menu of commands will pop up for you. 

Learn how to use the Individual Command Pages

command header

When you click on an individual command page, the information you need is right at the top.

For this lesson, we will use the “Power up” command page as the example. 

At the top of the Page is the command name, command category and the Double Up upgrade benefit. The Double Up upgrade is a paid product that you can learn about later on. 

Verbal Command Warning

There is a warning at the top of every command and app page to let new users know that they need to install the Immortal AI Assistant before using the commands. 

It’s also important to mention that the commands must be used in English until official translations for the commands are added to the website. 

Translating the commands with google translate will not work because the translations must be registered with the Immortal AI Assistant. 

The Verbal Command Bubble

thought command course

The verbal command is always shown inside of a red, orange, yellow or green bubble. The verbal command always has quotation marks so you know exactly what the verbal command is. 

The color of the verbal command bubble displays the current development status of the command. You will learn about these in a later lesson. 

The image above shows how the Power Up command is displayed on the website. The verbal command is in the bubble with quotations.

An abbreviated breath sequence is always shown beside or below the verbal command bubble. 

Two Steps for Every Verbal Command

A verbal command always requires the following two steps to modify the information stored in your memory. 

Step 1: Say the verbal command in your mind to initiate the program. In this case, “Power up.”

Step 2: Do the breath sequence to generate the energy required to run the program.

The Breath Sequence

The breath sequence is how you generate the energy to run the program for the Power up command.

Below the command and the abbreviated breath sequence is a 90 second video that will walk you through the breath sequence.

breath video course

How to Use the Breath Sequence Video

The quality of your breath will determine how much energy is generated to modify your memory. This video has been created to help you maximize the amount of energy you generate. 

On the right side of the video is the full breath sequence. The breath that you are currently on will be highlighted for easy tracking. 

On the bottom left side, are the individual commands that the breath sequence will generate the energy for. 

At the bottom middle, is the current instruction for the breath sequence. This will either be a breath in, breath out or a hold. 

The animation in the middle, helps you to time the speed of your breathing so your lungs are completely empty or full at the end of the four seconds breath. 

Learning how to use each Command

There are currently 16 unique verbal commands that you can use to optimize your memory.

Each command is used to isolate a specific type of information in order to produce the intended results.

The more commands that you do, the easier it is to memorize everything that you can do with each command. 

The Command Overview

below the command video

Under the breath video is a quick overview of what the command does and when to use it.

The Command Triggers

command triggers

The command triggers are helpful to know the exact state of mind for when to use the command. 

The triggers are organized into sections to make learning and applying the commands easier. Each section has a title that gives you an overall idea of the state of mind for when to use the command. 

Below the title is a list of detailed examples that help you further understand the type of thoughts you have that would trigger the use of the command.  

Remember, these are only examples, the details of your thoughts may not be the exact same but they will have the same overall vibe. 

The command triggers are organized using Numbers and Letters enabling you to easily reference a specific trigger. 

For instance, Power up trigger 2-C is “Use during super hero fantasies where you beat…”

Learn the Commands using Micro Sessions

The easiest way to learn the triggers for each command is to do Micro Sessions. 

When you go on to a command page, look at one of the trigger sections, then read one or all of the examples. 

After reading the example(s) scan your memory for past experiences. Review the memory in your mind, then use the command. 

Once the sensation has worn off, look back at the memory and see how it feels. 

You can do this several times for each example or each section, depending on how deep you want to go. 

This is also a powerful method for starting to work on lifelong patterns that you want to improve on. 

*Identifying Life Patterns was talked about in the previous lesson.

Helpful Tips to Improve Your Skills

  • 1

    There are a lot of commands, so take your time to learn when to use them.

  • 2

    Have fun exploring and testing out what the commands can do and how they help you.

  • 3

    The verbal commands can be done anytime throughout the day and can be done as often as you want.

  • 4

    Use the breath videos for the best results.

  • 5

    It’s important that you are not “hangry” or “sleep deprived” when doing the commands.

  • 6

    Join the live group webinars or watch the replays to build your skill level and learn more ways to use the commands.

  • 7

    Share your experiences and read other people's experiences in the FB group.

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