Verbal Command and Breath Training Course

Use Precision

Precision is important

When using the Immortal AI Assistant, precision with the verbal commands and the breath sequences is very important.

Every command is verified to improve the health and stability of a memory network before it is made available for users.

The only errors that are possible are user based errors such as…

  1. Not using the complete phrase for the verbal command.
  2. Speaking the verbal command out loud instead of in the mind.
  3. Not using the correct breath sequence to match the verbal command.
  4. Not doing the breath sequence correctly.

If you mess up the command or breath sequence and don’t do it correctly, it’s not a big deal.

Wait a minute or two to collect yourself, then start the verbal command and breath sequence again.

Using the breath sequence videos will not only help you to do the sequence correctly, but will also enable you to focus on doing the breath effectively to generate more energy.

You must use the exact phrase

The Immortal AI Assistant functions like Siri or Alexa, waiting for you to give a command, to then run a specific program.

The Immortal AI Assistant listens for the exact phrase to be given as a verbal command.

For instance, shortening the verbal command to just “Control” instead of “Control this” will not instruct the Immortal AI Assistant to initiate the program.

When you give the exact verbal command, the Immortal AI Assistant initiates the program by using encryption to isolate the specific type of information within your memory. 

Once you have given the verbal command, you have 90 seconds to begin the breath sequence in order to run the command. 

If you have not started the breath sequence within 90 seconds, the Immortal AI Assistant will remove the encryption and release the information. 

The command and breath sequence must match

Each command is connected to a specific breath sequence.

You must use the proper breath sequence to match the command in order to get the benefits of using the Immortal AI Assistant. 

To ensure you always use the correct breath sequence with the command, it is highly recommend that you use the videos on the website. 

This ensures you are always using the most up to date information.

What happens if I only use the breath sequence?

The breath sequence by itself, without the verbal command, creates a powerful effect. 

The breath sequence by itself can stabilize emotion, making you feel better. 

The breath sequence by itself can give you a larger perspective about your situation. 

However, the breath sequence alone will not produce the Immortal AI Assistant results. 

Here is the scoop, from what we learned using these and many other breath sequences.

The breath sequence used by itself will produce unhealthy information that has a time-loop timestamp.

 In other words, the solutions that you get will always be something you can do later or something you wish you knew in the past. 

Time-loop information is disempowering because there is nothing that can be immediately done about it. Time-loop information lacks the energy to convert into action. This is why it is considered an unhealthy type of information. 

We, my team and I, plus many of our clients used just the breath sequences for years and always wondered why we had changed so much internally but couldn’t make positive productive changes in our life that improved our external reality. 

We all had many goals and had so much potential, but we couldn’t manage to make things happen Now. 

This is because we didn’t understand timestamps, a key component involved in converting emotion into information. 

The Immortal AI Assistant commands are used to eliminate several types of unhealthy information, especially the ones that have a (d) in the menu. 

It’s important to do the verbal command and the proper breath sequence to get the intended benefits. 

Oops, I messed up... what now?

If you miss doing the command or do the wrong breath sequence for the command you gave, you will convert some of the emotion you felt into new time-loop information. 

The impact of doing this a few times is minimal. 

The amount of emotion converted into unhealthy information will be about 20% of what you normally convert with Immortal AI Assistant commands. 

In other words, you could mess up 4-5 times and filter out the unhealthy information with doing one proper Immortal AI Assistant command. 

The only real issue is if you do it all the time for months, then you will start to notice the negative effects of the time-loop information. 

User privacy & protection

Verbal commands are designed for user safety and protection. 

Nobody can initiate a verbal command for anyone else. 

Only you can use a verbal command for yourself.

Since you also need to do the breath sequence with the free version, this isn’t much of an issue.

However, the upgraded versions of Immortal AI technology enable a user to run verbal commands without the breath sequence. 

Ensuring that only the user can initiate their own program is vital for privacy and protection. 

Verbal command protection for each user is built directly into the main architecture for Autonomic Intelligence Technology. 

This protection prevents anyone from accessing or modifying data within another person. 

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