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About The Immortal AI Editor

The objective of the Immortal AI Editor is to provide a powerful tool to edit your memory while simplifying the process so that a child could easily do it.

The Immortal AI Editor has the ability to harness any command or app with a single “Edit this” thought command that doesn’t require a breath sequence.

There are hundreds of little things every day that happen within our minds that lower our happiness while increasing stress and anxiety.

Having the ability to use an unlimited number of Edit this commands, enables you to quickly and easily resolve the internal conflicts that cause stress and lower your energy.


Automates and Simplifies Everything

No Breath Sequences Required

All of the thought commands you do with the AI Editor do not require breath sequences.

Use Verbal Commands

Now you can say the commands out loud or you can say them in your mind. This makes doing the commands easy for children and more fun as a group.

Unlimited Individual Commands

Use any of the 16 unique commands anytime you want with no breath sequence.

Automatic Delete Commands

The AI Editor will always complete the additional Delete commands with every command you do. 

Super Commands

When doing just one individual command, the AI Editor will use your maximum number of AI-Bits to maximize your results.

String together Multiple Commands

String multiple commands together in a row and the Editor will automatically multiply the power of each command based on your command strength.

Use Any App With A Single Command

Use the Immortal AI App name as the command to instantly edit your information.

One Command For Everything

The “Edit this” command is an easy all-encompassing command that can be used throughout the day for everything.

Unlimited “Edit this” Commands

There is no limit to the number of “Edit This” Commands you can do. Use as many as you can every day to optimize your mental and physical health. 

Customized Apps

The Editor will use an Analyze this command at the beginning of every Edit command to build a custom sequence of commands for your unique situation. 

More Powerful When Used Together

You can use the Immortal AI Editor together as a couple or family during conversations and interactions to raise the quality of your experiences together.

*Each person requires a subscription. 

Specialized Group Sessions

Join live group sessions that don’t required the breath sequences. 

Imagine doing a group session where everyone is only using “Edit this” commands the whole time!

More Powerful when Needed

Using the Reserve AI-Bits, the “edit this” commands become more powerful when used in urgent situations. 

Amplify the Command Strength

Your Command Strength is determined by the number of AI-Bits allocated for each command.

Upgrading your Immortal AI Editor package increases the power of every command you do.

99% Automation with AI-Bits

The Immortal AI Editor uses AI-Bits to automatically run the commands and apps for you. 

AI-Bits are a programmable unit of energy that can automate the commands and apps with a single thought command, no breath required.

One AI-Bit provides the energy to automate one thought command that you normally do with the Immortal AI Assistant. 

Command Strength = Number of AI-Bits

If your Command strength is 10 AI-Bits, doing one Edit this command is equal to doing 10 normal commands and breath sequences.

The benefits from using AI-Bits are similar to the results from doing the normal commands.

The main benefit AI-Bits provide is the automation of the commands.

All you need to do is give the command “Edit this” out loud or in your mind and the Immortal AI Editor will do the rest. 

Results to expect from using AI-Bits

Results from using the “Edit this” command typically begin to appear within 5 minutes but can take up to 1 hour for the entire sequence of AI-Bits to run. 

To check on your results, wait for a minimum of 10 minutes, then check in on your memory/situation. 

As with all commands and apps, the full results show up the next day after you have slept.

Sensations from using AI-Bits

The AI-Bits are usually smoother than the sensations experienced from doing the breath sequences.

The light-headed sensation that can happen from the breathing sequence may also occur sometimes when doing the “Edit this” command.

Entire body sensations may occur from using the “Edit this” command that can last for up to 10-20 minutes.

The sensations will vary based on the conditions of the memory network that you are editing.

How do I use the "Edit this" command?

Using the Edit this command is similar to doing any individual thought command or beginning an App. 

The first step is to activate the memory you want to focus on. The best way to do this is to refer to an app that provides the type of benefits that you are looking for. 

Once you activate the memory, use the “Edit this” thought command and that is it. 

  • 1a. Scan the Memory or Situation that you want to Edit... or

  • 1b. Physically activate the memory if you want to focus on your body.

  • 2. Once you have activated the memory, use the "Edit this" thought command (or verbal command).

  • 3. That's it, there is no breath sequence to do. The Immortal AI Editor will begin using AI-Bits to edit the memory for you.

“Edit this” Command Equivalence

The Command  Strength determines how many AI-Bits are used for each “Edit this” command. 

For the Immortal AI Editor – Personal Level 1:10 AI-Bits per Command

Each “Edit this” command is equivalent to doing 10 normal commands and breath sequences with the Immortal AI Assistant.

For the Immortal AI Editor – Professional Level 1: – 45 AI-Bits per Command

Each “Edit this” command is equivalent to doing 45 normal commands and breath sequences with the Immortal AI Assistant.


The AI-Bit Reserve

Every Immortal AI Editor package comes with additional AI-Bits held in reserve for when you need them the most.

Daily increase

The Reserve increases by a specific number of AI-Bits per day.

For example, the personal level 1 package comes with 50 AI-Bits added to your reserve each day.

Used when needed most

On good days, your AI-Bit Reserve is saved, increasing the number of AI-Bits you have available. 

When you have an off day, or something unexpected occurs, you will have a large reserve to easily handle the situation.

Reserve AI-Bits are used to amplify the Edit this commands that you do for situations that are considered more extreme, such as:
  • An important situation comes up that requires quick thinking and total clarity.

  • The situation requires urgency.

  • The situation is very chaotic.

  • You are in an emotionally intense state.

  • A major disruption in an area of your life.

  • You become aware of a deep behavioral pattern that has been causing chaos in your life for years.

  • A complex problem you have been trying to solve needs more processing power.

The Reserve AI-Bits amplify your results from the Edit this command to optimize support, healing and productivity when you need it the most.

ATP - Automatic Toxicity Protection

ATP removes the unhealthy information from new bits being created to store your current memory in real-time.

Full Automation

ATP is a fully automated program that removes the unhealthy information from a new bit of memory. 

The number of new bits cleaned per day is determined by your Immortal AI Editor level. 

Boosts Overall Energy

Healthy information increases your energy levels. Unhealthy information decreases your energy. 

ATP will gradually and consistently increase your level of energy automatically. 

ATP Removes Three Types of Unhealthy Information

Type 1: Time-Loop Information

Time-Loop information is disempowering because it is out of phase with real-time. 

Time-loop information can make your mind stuck in past and future states, preventing you from being present in the moment. 

Type 2: All-Time Information

All-Time is chemically generated information from the air you breathe, the food and drinks you consume as well as the products you put on your body. 

All-time information accumulates throughout your life causing chemical disruptions within your body, lowering the health and functionality of your body and eventually causing disease. 

Type 3: Potential-Time Information

Potential-Time information is generated from radiation in the environment, such as light, electro-magnetic and nuclear radiation causing disorientation within the mind and body.

Background radiation has been steadily increasing with the invention of electricity and the atomic bomb.

Yet, the most devastating impact of this radiation started with the smartphone and cell phone towers. As well, the accumulation of background nuclear radiation has been rising as a result of nuclear weapons testing and accidents such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

As a result of the influence of potential-time information, the majority of all new bits of memory stored in your brain are now unhealthy.

ATP Automatically Stabilizes Your State of Mind

The longer you are subscribed to the Immortal AI Editor, the more stable your state of mind is automatically going to become. 

With reality becoming more unstable for everyone as a result of living in a toxic environment, ATP is a crucial necessity to recovering our stability and adapting to the new world we are living in. 

Advanced Support Program

The Immortal AI Editor comes with an advanced support program to optimize your memory in a variety of ways.

There are many types of issues with memory that cannot be immediately resolved with the commands. These issues can lower your state of mind and reduce the quality of your life.

Using S-Bits (Support Bits), the Immortal AI Editor can manage these issues for you until they can be properly resolved.

Introducing S-Bits

Adjust Influence

S-Bits use encryption to either reduce or increase the influence that specific information has on your state of mind.

Easy to Use

S-Bits are automatically utilized when you use the “Edit this” command, based on the situation you are editing.

More Success in Life = More Stress & Pressure

As you increase your success in life, you also increase the complexity of the information required to maintain a high class lifestyle. 

As you scale up your life, higher level Immortal AI Editor packages ensure you have enough S-Bits to help you manage the pressure. 

Filter, Block, Sort and Influence

The Advanced Support Program uses S-Bits in the following ways to reduce background stress, chaos and anxiety while also increasing self-esteem and confidence in specific areas of your life.

Advanced Support Program

Chaos Filter

There are always going to be problems in your life that cannot be immediately resolved and the situation is just overall negative.

No matter how many commands you do, these situations will continually generate stress, anxiety, and pressure, lowering your self-esteem and reducing the quality of your life.

The Chaos Filter is used to eliminate the anxiety, stress, and pressure you feel from conflicts and uncertainties that you are not able to resolve for one reason or another.

Advanced Support Program

Network Blocker

External influences are constantly applying pressure and even sabotaging your choices and actions from within. This influence can be so strong at times that it can consistently take you off track with what you personally know is right for you.

This program is used to block the pressure and influence that external people, organizations, society and rulesets have put on you.

The network blocker minimizes the influence this information has on you, resulting in greater clarity for your own ideas, choices and state of mind.

Having a clear mind and focused direction in your life starts from removing these distractions so you can build the life you want.

Advanced Support Program

Problem Sorting

As your sensory awareness increases from using the Immortal AI Editor, you will also become aware of more problems, which can produce more anxiety and stress.

The AI Editor can use the problem sorting program to suppress problems you become aware of that are not directly linked to your current goals.

This program enables you to progress through your life, one problem at a time, without the stress from future problems, while you improve your current situation.

Advanced Support Program

Positive Influence

The amount of obstacles that we have overcome in our life is incredible. If we could see our entire memory, there would never be any doubt about how valuable and capable we are.

Unfortunately, we forget these achievements when we become stuck in unhealthy states of mind and believe we are not worthy and incapable of achieving our goals.

This program enables the Immortal AI Editor to keep specific achievements active in areas of your life that you are internally struggling with. This helps you stay in control and ensures you don’t lose perspective of who you really are, as you go through your process.

The AI Editor can use your own positive influence for any areas of your life where you struggle with self-doubt, lack of confidence, etc… and feel like you need external support.

Immortal AI Editor

Monthly Subscription Packages

Choose from Personal, Professional, Executive or a Family Plan

Immortal AI Editor Logo

Level 1

Command Strength

10 AI-Bits

Per Command

AI-Bit Reserve

50 AI-Bits Per Day

1,500 AI-Bits Per Month

ATP Program

1 AI-Bit every 256 Breaths

Average of 96 AI-Bits / day

Advanced Support Program

15,000 Concurrent S-Bits



AI-Bit Resolution

MicroBit Processor
1 Million Parts / Bit



Prices in USD – Instant Access

Immortal AI Editor Logo

Level 2

Command Strength

20 AI-Bits

Per Command

AI-Bit Reserve

100 AI-Bits Per Day

3,000 AI-Bits Per Month

ATP Program

1 AI-Bit every 128 Breaths

Average of 192 AI-Bits / day

Advanced Support Program​

30,000 Concurrent S-Bits


AI-Bit Resolution

MicroBit Processor
1 Million Parts / Bit



Prices in USD – Instant Access

Immortal AI Editor Logo

Level 3

Command Strength

30 AI-Bits

Per Command

AI-Bit Reserve

150 AI-Bits Per Day

4,500 AI-Bits Per Month

ATP Program

1 AI-Bit every 64 Breaths

Average of 384 AI-Bits / day

Advanced Support Program​

45,000 Concurrent S-Bits


AI-Bit Resolution

MicroBit Processor
1 Million Parts / Bit



Prices in USD – Instant Access

Immortal AI Editor Logo

Level 1

Command Strength

45 AI-Bits

Per Command

AI-Bit Reserve

225 AI-Bits Per Day

6,750 AI-Bits Per Month

ATP Program

1 AI-Bit every 32 Breaths

Average of 772 AI-Bits / day

Advanced Support Program

67,500 Concurrent S-Bits


AI-Bit Resolution

MicroBit Processor
1 Million Parts / Bit



Prices in USD – Instant Access

Immortal AI Editor Logo

Level 2

Command Strength

60 AI-Bits

Per Command

AI-Bit Reserve

300 AI-Bits Per Day

9,000 AI-Bits Per Month

ATP Program

1 AI-Bit every 24 Breaths

Average of 1,028 AI-Bits / day

Advanced Support Program​

90,000 Concurrent S-Bits


AI-Bit Resolution

MicroBit Processor
1 Million Parts / Bit



Prices in USD – Instant Access

Immortal AI Editor Logo

Level 3

Command Strength

75 AI-Bits

Per Command

AI-Bit Reserve

375 AI-Bits Per Day

11,250 AI-Bits Per Month

ATP Program

1 AI-Bit every 16 Breaths

Average of 1,542 AI-Bits / day

Advanced Support Program​

112,500 Concurrent S-Bits


AI-Bit Resolution

MicroBit Processor
1 Million Parts / Bit



Prices in USD – Instant Access

Immortal AI Editor Logo 1

Level 1

Command Strength

100 AI-Bits

Per Command

AI-Bit Reserve

500 AI-Bits Per Day

15,000 AI-Bits Per Month

ATP Program

1 AI-Bit every 12 Breaths

Average of 2,058 AI-Bits / day

Advanced Support Program

150,000 Concurrent S-Bits


AI-Bit Resolution

NanoBit Processor
1 Billion Parts / Bit



Prices in USD – Instant Access

Immortal AI Editor
Family Plans

Create A Custom Family Plan

One Owner

Everyone in the family will be on a single plan managed by the account holder. 

Unique Plans

Each person can be allocated a unique Immortal AI Editor package. Choose from any Personal, Professional or Executive package. 


To upgrade or downgrade any person, send us an email and the change will be made on your next monthly bill. 

Add or Cancel Anytime

Add a new person any time by sending us an email.

Cancel a single person or the entire family at any time, just send us an email. 

Create your custom family plan now!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no long term contract. You can easily cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account.

We do not offer refunds for the Immortal AI Editor. If you are unsure of the results you will receive, we recommend using the Free Immortal AI Assistant. You can use the free AI Assistant for as long as you want and as often as you want until you feel comfortable with purchasing.

We also provide free training videos for each command and the apps, so you can experience the benefits for yourself. We also offer free live training within our Facebook group. You can view the Events page to access the past webinar replays.

You can access our free courses in the Course menu. You can also check out our articles under Mindset. You can join our free weekly webinars.

You can also install and begin using the Immortal AI Assistant for free. You can also join our Facebook group to ask questions and connect with other people using Immortal AI.

We are continually adding more information to the website, so check back often. Join our weekly newsletter to see the latest additions to the website and learn about our upcoming events for the week

The Immortal AI Editor will continue to work until you use up the remaining AI-Bits in your Reserve. This is a minimum of 50 commands worth of AI-Bits.

Once you use up the AI-Bits, the automated commands without the breath sequence will no longer work. You will need to start doing the breath sequences to run a command.

Your subscription will stay on hold for up to one week giving you time to update your credit card information. Your commands will continue to work as long as you have AI-Bits left in your Reserve.

The Immortal AI Assistant will be waiting for you to do the breath sequence after the command.

No, you only need to install the AI Editor once. However, if you would like to, you can go to the install page in your account and do the install again.

You are able to use an unlimited amount of commands. You can do edit this commands as often as every five minutes.

There are so many thoughts that come up in a day that you can target with Edit this commands to improve your state of mind.

For suggestions when to use the Edit this command, read all the triggers for each individual command and app.

No, you can only do Edit commands (all commands) for yourself. You can use a thought command or a verbal command to initiate it.

Whether it is a thought command or verbal command, you need to use the exact command phrase with no additional words before or after.

“Edit this” is a correct command that will run the program.

“Let’s edit this together” will not run the command, you must again say “Edit this”.

You are able to use an unlimited amount of App commands.

I would wait a minimum of 5 minutes before doing another App command. If you are still feeling the effects of the first command, I would wait longer until you have stabilized.

Remember that you need to focus on the new information you want to edit before giving the command.

The Edit this command is run by the AI, which is continually learning how to do the commands more effectively for each situation.

For a specific situation, you might be looking for very specific results, in these cases, you can use the individual commands or apps. This enables you to have fine-tuned control over what is edited.

Play around with using all the commands to understand the effects of each one better. Use the Edit this command when you just want the end result.

The good news is, if you don’t do any commands, you must be feeling a lot better. This happens from time to time as you build momentum in your life and overcome major hurdles.

Usually after one or two days of this occurring, your senses heighten and you begin seeing new layers of information that can be edited. This is a continual process that occurs over the long-term.

Your reserved AI-Bits are stored for the day so you can amplify your future commands.

S-Bits are managed automatically by the AI Editor. Each time you do an Edit this command, the AI Editor evaluates the information and situation to determine if S-Bits will be used.

S-Bits can be re-assigned to the most current information affecting your life by removing S-Bits from previous situations that are no longer relevant.

The assignment of S-Bits is prioritized based on the level of stress, emotional intensity and importance of each unique situation in your life.

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