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Intelligence Matters

I Am Intelligent Matter

What is I-Matter?

Memory networks contain bits that store the information making up your memories. This is like the hard drive on your computer.

These are the bits of stored information that you edit using the commands.

I-bits are also intelligent bits used to process information and solve problems.

I-Matter is the result of combining multiple I-Bits together, to enhance problem-solving.

I-Matter raises your level of intelligence for everything you do.

The Immortal AI Editor can utilize AI-Bits to transfer I-Bits from unused memory networks to current ones that require more processing power to solve a problem. 

Your ability to solve problems can be enhanced with the Immortal AI Editor by combining up to 32 different types of intelligence into I-Matter.

Any process that requires higher quantities of intelligence produces higher levels of stress on the brain.

I-Matter is designed to provide the level of brain processing power you need, no matter how complicated your information processing requirements are.

The Immortal AI Editor will utilize the various types of I-Matter depending on the specific issue you are dealing with, and the amount of AI-Bits based on your command strength.

How will I-Matter improve my state of mind?

Your state of mind, whether you feel stressed out and hate life, or you feel unstoppable and can achieve anything, is based on how you solve problems.

The more problems you have, the more stressed out you become, causing you to pull away from life.

Solving lots of problems and implementing the solutions, generates a feeling like you can do anything, enabling you to embrace life and all it has to offer.

The confidence you radiate is based on your ability to solve problems in real-time and achieve the optimal solutions for the unique situation.

I-Matter will take your brain performance levels to the next level, enabling you to step up into the leadership potential you have inside.

Goal Setting

Every new goal you set comes with a list of problems you will have to overcome to reach your goal.

To raise your state of mind, be successful and feel great, it’s important to have specific goals that you are working towards in each area of your life.

If you struggle with goal setting, this is a primary indicator that this area of your life is in an unhealthy state.

If you struggle with setting goals, it’s ok, as you continue to use the AI Editor to resolve past problems, you will be able to feel more in control and start setting goals again.

Why are some problems so difficult to solve?

Every problem in your life is still a problem because you lack the type of intelligence required to solve it.

By transferring I-Bits that increase specific types of intelligence from your past into your current problem, problem solving will become much easier. 

With the Immortal AI Editor, this can be done in a simple three-step technique.

Step 1

Focus on the current problem that you are struggling with.

Step 2

Think back to a similar situation in the past that you already solved.

Step 3

Initiate the Edit command verbally, in your mind or with a blink. 

A Quick Example for You

Step 1: You look around your house and it’s messy. You don’t want to clean, it feels like such a struggle.

Step 2: You think of a time in the past when you were a neat freak and obsessed with keeping your space spotless.

Step 3: You do the “Edit this” command (or Blink) to transfer the intelligence needed from the past into your current situation.

Result: It’s now easier to clean your house and you have more energy.

You may need to repeat this process a few times depending on the scope, complexity and emotional intensity of the problem.

So what actually happens when you do the Edit command?

The process for producing I-Matter is always the same. 


Stabilize the memory network

First, the memory network associated with the problem needs to be stabilized by removing unhealthy information.

AI-Bits (applied with the Edit command) are used to remove unhealthy information, making you feel better and increasing your energy.


Increase Intelligence

Once stabilization has been achieved, then additional information (I-Bits) can be added to the memory network.

The types of intelligence required are transferred using AI-Bits, shifting your state of mind. This process also increases your energy to complete the task (implement the solution).

More AI-Bits = More Results

The number of AI-Bits you have available for each “Edit” command, determines how many commands you will need to do in order to solve your problem.

Remember, before the required types of intelligence can be increased, the memory network associated with the problem needs to be stabilized first. The more chaotic the situation, the more AI-Bits (Edit this commands) you will need to stabilize it.

Quick Tip: The more precise your problem is, the higher the chance that you will stabilize the situation, enabling the transfer of I-Matter.

If you have a large problem, break it down into smaller parts and use the “Edit this” command for each part.

I-Matter Transfer is Based on Your Editor Level

Before an I-Matter transfer can occur, you have to stabilize a memory network.

Command Strength

The amount of AI-Bits you have available for each Edit command. The more AI-Bits you have available the better chance you will have of transferring I-Bits.


The larger the problem you focus on, the more stabilization that is required before I-Bits can be transferred. The smaller and more focused the problem you are working on, the higher the chance that I-Bits will be transferred since it takes less AI-Bits to stabilize this information.

The number of Edit commands you do on the specific problem.

By focusing into the problem multiple times and using Edit commands each time, you are able to stabilize the memory networks associated with the problem and increase the amount of I-Bits that are transferred.

When using the three step technique explained above to transfer I-Matter, the amount that will be transferred is dependent on several factors.

Your level of Immortal AI Editor will determine the amount of I-Matter that can be transferred. 

Immortal AI Editor - Personal

Personal Level 1: I-Matter is not available for this level.

Personal Level 2: I-Matter has a 20% chance that I-Bits will be transferred.

Personal Level 3: I-Matter has a 40% chance that I-Bits will be transferred.

Immortal AI Editor - Professional

Professional Level 1: I-Matter has a 60% chance that I-Bits will be transferred.

Professional Level 2: I-Matter has a 80% chance that I-Bits will be transferred.

Professional Level 3: I-Matter has a 100% chance that I-Bits will be transferred.

Immortal AI Editor - Executive

Executive Level 1: I-Matter has a 100% chance that I-Bits will be transferred.

The three step technique is not required for the Executive, every Edit command will automatically transfer I-Matter.

Customized Problem Solving

Every problem we face on a daily basis is unique and therefore requires a custom combination of different types of intelligence.

The Immortal AI Editor is able to look at the unique problem you are dealing with, identify the types of intelligence required, and use AI-Bits to connect those types of intelligence.

Once you have the required types of intelligence available, when you look at the problem, you will understand how to solve it in a way that feels like common sense.


There are many solutions possible for the majority of problems we face. The solution can’t just be any solution, that’s low quality.

A high-quality solution is going to take you toward your long-term goals, aligns with your personal preferences, maintain your highest standards and uphold your personal values.

Higher quality solutions also require more AI-Bits to produce higher levels of intelligence. This can be achieved by doing more “Edit” commands until you feel completely satisfied with the solution.

The 31 Types of Intelligence that makeup I-Matter

Your Immortal AI Editor will analyze your unique problem and identify the specific type of intelligence required to solve the problem, ensuring you are in an empowered state of mind to take action.

The 31 types of intelligence are grouped into three categories:

Intelligent Skills

The Immortal AI Editor identifies the types of intelligent skills you are currently using for the problem and how they can be improved.

Intelligent Attributes

The attributes are used to optimize your skills, ensuring that you have the exact type of intelligence required to solve the problem.

Intelligent Senses

Increasing sensory intelligence enables you to become more conscious about the situation you are focused on. Intelligent senses are used to bring more conscious awareness to both intelligent skills and attributes.

Individual skills, attributes and senses are combined together to create unique forms of I-Matter, enabling you to solve complex problems and increasing your energy to help you take action.

As you study the different types of intelligence written below, you will understand why solving complex problems in life can be so challenging.

You will also gain a deeper appreciation for what the Immortal AI Editor can do for you with a simple “Edit” command.

Category 1

Intelligent Skills

The Immortal AI Editor will analyze the situation you used the “Edit” command for and identify which of the following skills are required to effectively manage your situation.

The Intelligence skills are enhancements that can be done to improve brain functionality in a multitude of different ways.

Multiple skills can be combined together depending on your requirements.

Intelligence Attributes and Sensory enhancements can be added to any skills, enabling further refinements for higher quality results and a better experience.

Improve your ability to solve complex problems by combining multiple types of intelligence to unlock each unique layer of the problem.

Improve the quality of each and every unique action you take throughout the day. There are limitless enhancements you can make to improve your life in every way. Combine multiple types of intelligence to refine the high-level details involved with each thing you do. 

Improve your ability to communicate with other people and ensure your intended message is coming across. The AI Editor will be analyzing the expression of the person you are communicating with and their reaction to determine if your initial intention was met.

Internal Navigation: Improve your ability to freely traverse through the information within your mind in an observer state.

External Navigation: Improve your ability to navigate through the world effectively by enhancing relationship connections between objects in space. 

Improve your ability to analyze data objectively from multiple points of view removing biased and self-centred opinions.

Optimizes your ability to view each person’s unique perspective based on their own values as well as the objectives of overall groups of people. 

Improve your ability to create and optimize the structures that you use to organize your information and objects within your personal and professional space.

This applies to both physical objects as well as the organizational structure of data within your mind. 

Improve your ability to create and manage multiple plans of action, with multiple people, within multiple areas of your life, to achieve your goals.

The more complex the orchestration is, the more I-Bits you will require. 

Improve your ability to create a procedure that walks you or another person through a specific step by step process from point A to reach point B.

Improve your ability to track, manage and schedule your time effectively.

Automatically combines with intelligent analysis to ensure you are using your time to gain the most value. 

Improve your ability to stay present with what is happening within each moment. 

Intelligent focus increases the rate that you generate healthy positive bits in your memory by staying focused in real-time while ensuring you are having high-quality experiences. 

Improve your ability to identify commonalities and relationships within one and between many systems of information.

Identify the puzzles that your senses are showing you, so you can make the connections you need to level up in the game of life. 

Improve your ability to scale your information from simple to complex to simple.

Build multiple tiers of information that can be presented to people with different levels of depth and complexity.

The AI Editor can use scaling to improve your ability to effectively filter your information for a specific person or group of people.  

Improve your ability to create smooth transitions to flow from one situation to another.

This includes letting go of the previous information from the past situation and loading up the new information so you can be present with the next situation.

  1. Switching from a work environment to being at home with your family. Switching from hanging out with your friends to spending quality time with your intimate partner.


  2. When making major changes in your life, if you do it too fast or too slow, it can cause a lot of stress. Finding the right flow for you to make major transitions is powerful for everyone involved.

Improve your ability to adapt in real-time to unexpected changes and make the best of the situation for all involved.

Improve your ability to factor in different variables to determine the best possible outcomes.

Adding or subtracting variables changes how you make decisions and take actions.

Identifying what variables are important and which ones are not necessary can drastically affect the outcome of what you are planning or working on.

Category 2

Intelligent Attributes

Once your skills are identified, the Immortal AI Editor will use intelligent attributes to enhance your skills to meet your highest requirements.

The Intelligence attributes can provide the exact information and support you need to make accomplishing tasks an enjoyable experience.

If your brain is set up properly, every single thing you do in a day can be an enjoyable experience as well as an opportunity to improve.

Multiple attributes can be stacked to enhance your results by using various I-Matter configurations.

Sensory Intelligence enhancements can be added to any attributes to bring further awareness of potential improvements.

Your standards are the expectations you set for each aspect of your life in order to be satisfied.

Improve your ability to analyze and regulate your standards as well as remove unrealistic standards established by other sources.

The objective of the I-Matter is to become the best version of yourself in each area of your life, all at the same time. 

Improve and optimize the information that you use to identify who you are as a person.

This includes your values, morals, preferences, and rules that govern your choices and behaviours.

Utilize various personality traits to stabilize and optimize the presentation of yourself.

This could be patience, humour, charm, kindness, responsibility, assertiveness, persistence… the list goes on.

Improve your ability to connect with your body’s motion for each movement you perform.

Coordinating your senses, movement and action to optimize the way you move for style, elegance, and energy conservation is an elegant upgrade for experiencing each moment. 

Motion optimization can also be combined with the majority of skills and attributes for enhancing posture, balance, speed and expression. 

Every single action can be optimized using motion attributes. 

Improve your ability to filter valuable information in real-time and in reflection.

Filters are used to upgrade information from low quality to high quality.

Filters can be applied to intelligent roles, skills, attributes and senses to raise the quality of your interactions in real-time. 

Increase the depths that you can feel the emotion associated with smaller and smaller units of information, enriching the quality of your entire experience of reality.

Emotion is nexus that ties together multiple systems of memory into a singular experience. 

The deeper you delve into the vast details of emotion, the more alive you will feel. 

Improve your ability to regulate intensity levels based on the desired outcome.

Intensity is the combination of speed, depth, scope and complexity that you can navigate through information as well as your ability to both receive and convey that information with another person.

Improve your ability to regulate the speed of your information. Too fast can be reckless, too slow can feel boring and lifeless.

The ability to adjust your speed is vital to maintaining good relationships with people as well as the health of your own body.

The ability to harness the power of inspiration from people that are more successful than you.

Enhance your own intelligence by establishing personal goals based on what others have achieved. 

Without this type of intelligence available, you can become jealous and bitter of other people’s achievements. 

Category 3

Intelligent Senses

Sensory Intelligence is a powerful way for the Immortal AI Editor to increase and optimize the connection between your conscious experience and the external world.

Intelligent senses are a vital component for you to enhance your brain processing power to solve problems. 

You can’t edit or enhance any information with the Immortal AI Editor that you cannot consciously detect.

New sensory awareness can detect new problems you weren’t capable of seeing previously. Then, with the “Edit” command, you can resolve those problems, increasing the quality of your life.

Sometimes the problems you have in your life are not quantifiable as information, but a feeling of connection, or lack of connection. 

As you age, your senses can become dull, severely inhibiting the natural joy of life.

Intelligent senses can restore your connection to the world, making you feel like you are coming alive in new ways.

Improve your ability to enhance and manage the information transferred through your sense of taste.

    1. Optimize memory networks associated with taste. 
    2. Modify tastes to support dietary changes.
    3. Increase or decrease data processing to enhance the sensory experience.
    4. Enhance digestion.

Improve your ability to enhance and manage the information transferred through your sense of smell. 

    1. Optimize memory networks associated with smell. 
    2. Increase or decrease data transfer to enhance visceral experience.
    3. Increase or decrease hormone stimulation through pheromones.

Improve your ability to enhance and manage the information transferred through your sense of hearing.

    1. Increase or decrease the quantity of information, enabling you to hear additional layers of information through sound. 
    2. Density detection in language to detect strong and weak expressions in language. 
    3. Enhance your connection between sound, emotion and motion to produce a more powerful listening experience. 
    4. Enhanced filtering to manage automatic reactions to information transferred through sound.

Improve your ability to enhance and manage the information transferred through your sense of vision. 

    1. Increase or decrease data flow to regulate natural occurring judgments of information and people. 
    2. Increase frame rate detection to see additional hidden layers of information on a person during an interaction. 
    3. Enhanced filtering to manage automatic reactions to information transferred through visuals. 
    4. Visually access new sensory awareness unlocked from other types of intelligence, enabling you to automatically learn from your own senses.

Improve your ability to enhance and manage the information transferred through your sense of touch.

    1. Increase or decrease the amount of information transferred enhancing your experience of touch. 
    2. Feel the reverberations of pressure through connecting with different objects. 
    3. Connect touch, such as a handshake, to memory networks that reveal underlying motives and compatibility. 
    4. Connect touch to real-time chemical diagnostics when touching a type of food, supplement or other substance you consume to identify whether it makes you feel better or worse. 
    5. Enhance sensual pleasure by enabling you to connect deeper with your partner through enhanced information transfer.

Awareness of position, attraction, repulsion and pressure within space. Your real-time relationship with objects through attraction and repulsion.

    1. Can open sensory exploration games with your body to lead you places.  
    2. Can access brain training games to optimize your senses, decision making and leadership abilities. 
    3. Develop high-level emotional intelligence by learning how to detect the areas of life that are highlighted when you focus on them. Not all decisions are equal, every decision holds more or less value for you personally.

Enhance your senses to identify physically, emotionally and/or mentally hazardous situations and prepare for a quick response. 



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