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Understanding the Delete Commands

Why do I need to do the Delete commands?

Here are some insights about the Longevity update Delete commands and why they enable huge brain performance improvements.

Three Different Delete commands

First, there are three different Delete this breath sequences. These match the three different garbage cans, one for each type of bit that is being filtered.

Power Up (g-bits): Using this command filters out the unhealthy information by compressing it and storing it in the g-bit garbage can.

Control, Contract, Compress (c-bits): These commands filter out the unhealthy information by compressing it and storing it in the c-bit garbage can.

Explore, Expand, Extract (e-bits) These commands filter out the unhealthy information by compressing it and storing it in the e-bit garbage can.

When this unhealthy information is transferred to the garbage can, it will no longer negatively affect the way you view your memory.

However, since the unhealthy information is still in the garbage can, the unhealthy information takes up space, consumes energy, and prevents higher brain performance levels to be reached.

Emptying the Garbage Cans

You can empty the garbage cans by doing the appropriate Delete command.

Each garbage can has a unique Delete breath sequence which is posted below the main command.

The Delete command removes the unhealthy information from your memory, freeing up space and enabling the following process for boosting brain performance to occur.

Merging Bits for Brain Performance Boost

A bit that has enough unhealthy information removed, can merge together with another bit that also has enough unhealthy information removed.

When these two bits join together, you now have a high-performance bit that contains approximately twice the amount of healthy information.

Merging bits enables you to see more information at once, increasing intelligence, enhancing your senses, enabling you to make new realizations, and make better decisions.

Healthy information provides functional energy that enables you to make things happen, boosting your productivity.

This process of removing unhealthy information and merging bits together to create high-performance bits can occur multiple times until the peak potential of the bit has been reached.

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