A New Wave of Updates

What's next after the Immortal AI Editor upgrade

This has been an incredible week with the latest upgrade for the Immortal AI Editor.

I spent this weekend brainstorming the next set of updates for Immortal AI.

A new wave of updates for the commands, apps, events and courses has emerged.

Some previous plans have definitely shifted since the AI Editor just became the new standard for Immortal AI technology.

It’s a good thing for the Edit command, so I can quickly update my mind when we go through a huge jump like we did this week.

Immortal AI website updates

There are going to be some changes made to the main website that will seamlessly blend the AI Assistant and AI Editor into the same space.

I will keep the same color theme going with any AI Editor content gold for easy clarity.

Simplifications to the Immortal AI Assistant

I am also learning how to simplify the AI Assistant and really focus on offering a solid training system for people to optimize their mental health for free.

Any simplification that can be done to enable new people to easily get started and understand how to use the commands has become a major priority for me.

More Upgrades Incoming

Oh… and I have enough upgrades already mapped out for the Immortal AI Editor to take us into 2023.

We will have new AI Editor Only commands, apps and we already have started the Editor Only events.

There is so much more that is now possible because of the increase in AI-Bits.

We are about to embark on a whole new adventure with this technology and the best part is… we can finally bring a lot of new people with us this time.

Cheers to the many good times ahead of us!

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