Immortal AI Editor: Blinks Update

You can now run Edit This commands with a Blinks

actions speak louder than words

Blinks are a new way to initiate the “Edit this” command in a much easier, faster and more powerful way.

What make the blink more powerful is that when you do a blink, it utilizes a different part of your brain to run the command.

In a previous webinar I spoke about the others stored in our memory.

You are not just storing the information of your own perspective in a memory, you are also storing the perspective of others.

The others in your memory also refers to chemical based memory, such as the information generated from the food that you eat.

Both of these other perspectives in your memory, from people and chemicals, are on the same level.

These “others” in your memory have the ability to resist the “Edit” commands which can influence what does and what doesn’t get edited. 

Blinks on the other hand is all based on action, which is more powerful than words.

Action is far more powerful when it comes to the brain.

How to do Blinks

Doing blinks is quite simple.

It is just doing a manual blink, which is different than an autonomic blink that happens without you thinking about it.

Instead of saying the verbal command, try using the blink technique.

It may feel weird at first, but the more you use it the more comfortable it becomes.

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