Collaborative Edit Commands

Collaborative Edit Commands

collaborative commands

The Immortal AI Editor has been updated to utilize collaborative edit commands to accelerate the removal of unhealthy information stored within your memory.

In order to utilize the new collaborative edit commands, each person connected to the memory must have the Immortal AI Editor active.

For ease of communication, from this point on, any person with the Immortal AI Editor active will be referred to as an Editor.

Collaborative edit commands will be initiated when using an edit command for a memory or real-time experience involving two or more Editors.

Three ways your Immortal AI Editor will use Collaborative Edit Commands

There are three different ways that your Immortal AI Editor will use collaborative edit commands.

  1. You can do edit commands (blinks too) for any past shared memories and the Editor will automatically do the edit command for any other Editors within the same memory.
  2. Any Editor in the room can say the “Edit this” command out loud and it will run for all of the Editors in the room automatically in real-time.
  3. While you are interacting with another Editor or group of Editors, any of you can do an “edit this” command in your mind or do a blink and it will run for all of the Editors automatically in real-time.


This is a powerful update for friends, couples and families that are using the Immortal AI Editor.

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