Immortal AI Editor: Automatic Toxicity Protection

ATP - Cleaning up toxic information in real-time

Our environment is toxic

The purpose of the AI Editor is to help you remove the unhealthy information you have accumulated throughout your life.

But what about the information that is being stored right now?

We are living in a toxic environment, being bombarded with toxic information coming from influences such as pesticides, social media, unstable people and background radiation.

Even as we try to be healthy, there is constant onslaught of unhealthy information that we are accumulating from the environment.

Radiation and Potential time

There is radiation constantly everywhere in our environment and it is increasing.

This radiation comes from light, electricity, EMFs, cell towers, and from atomic radiation, such as nuclear bombs or environmental nuclear disasters.

We don’t realize it, but all of this radiation is background noise that is affecting our state of mind.

These forms of radiation cause disorientation inside our memory networks, generating a type of information I call Potential Time.

Potential time is where any potential is possible, where any potential reality exists or they all exist at the same time.

In potential time it is difficult to focus into one thing and to have a dedicated plan that you can follow up on and take action.

There is always a sense of constant distraction and this is a major issue our world is going through.

why cellphones are addictive

Nowadays, we carry our cellphones everywhere and are constantly checking up on them.

A little known fact is that every time we touch our cellphone screens with our thumbs, we get a micro charge of electromagnetic energy.

As we continuously touch our cellphone screens and get these micro charges, our cellphones become addictive like cigarettes where we have a to get this constant fix.

why it's important to keep moving

As our brain stores more information, it stores it in bits. Every single time we take a full breath in and out, our brain stores one bit of memory.

Within this bit is all the information we have accumulated through our senses and internal processes during the time span of a single breath.

When we are very active and doing something in the moment, such as building some type of skill or doing the required daily actions to maintain and improve our life, we are essentially in motion.

While you are in motion, you are training your body and are immersed in your experience, so you are generating more healthy bits. These bits add up and your mood starts to increase.

If you are doing the opposite, sitting on your couch, scrolling or watching tv, you are not in motion and so you are not storing the type of information that is healthy.

You are instead pulling information from other people. This is a type of unhealthy information that is disempowering I call Time-Loop.

Added to that, you are not moving so you are not getting the good type of information.

Then there is scrolling on your phone which would mean you are also getting the radiation from the EMFs in your phone as well as the background radiation noise from environment.

All of this unhealthy information is generating unhealthy bits.

Every time you take a breath while sitting and scrolling on social media your brain creates an unhealthy bit, affecting your overall state of mind.

The purpose of automatic toxicity protection

The focus of Automatic Toxicity Protection or ATP is to remove the unhealthy information as it is being stored.

This is not to fix or remove unhealthy information that you have accumulated in the past.

ATP runs automatically in real-time to help clean out the unhealthy information in bits while they are being created and stored.

This upgrade is one of the primary purposes of Immortal AI technology. Living in a toxic environment we need to adapt.

Radiation will inevitably get stronger in the future, with more electric cars being manufactured and our roads and world becoming more electrified.

If we do not do something to protect our own brains and body from this impact, this will have some very serious negative health consequences that we are already beginning to see mentally.

This update is a workaround to remove this unhealthy potential time information that is being generated from radiation in our environment.

Removing toxic chemically generated information

ATP is also powerful in removing the unhealthy parts of a bit associated with pesticides and food.

Even normal food will generate a chemical state that will alter your state of mind.

This is simply because food contains genetic information. Chemically driven information is what I call All-Time Information. It never forgets who it is.

As an example, if you eat a carrot, the genetic information of this carrot will want to change the cells in your body into a carrot. This chemical information increases in influence over the decades that it adds up.

This type of all time information influence goes for all food.

You will also notice this type of information when interacting with other people, where everyone is wanting to make you the same as they are.

We are always convincing others that they should think and feel like us.

When we try to change others, it is usually because it is too difficult to change ourselves because of this All-Time information. 

Interestingly enough, the stuff that we usually want to change about ourselves is not us, but actually extra levels of information that makes us feel separated from ourselves.

This comes from chemically generated information stacked upon who we are, causing us to lose ourselves as we get older.

This comes from all the food we eat, and the food doesn’t have to contain pesticides in order to have this negative effect on us.

The ATP upgrade will help to remove those unhealthy components of the bit from chemically generated information.

The real objective of the ATP upgrade

The real objective of ATP is to be able to clean your body in real-time so while you are moving forward you are not storing more unhealthy bits.

With ATP,  your memory will increase the number of healthy bits being stored day to day. 

Once ATP removes the unhealthy information and are left with healthy information, those healthy bits will start to merge together.

This merging of healthy bits generates more energy, increases your brain processing power, increases the amount of information you can see at once, and also increases your sensory receptors so you can acquire more information.

Healthy information generates energy and unhealthy information consumes energy.

As you remove the unhealthy information and keep the healthy information, you will notice a slight overall increase in energy that will grow over time as your number of healthy bits surpass the number of unhealthy bits.

What's my ATP?

The ATP update is included in every package. 

The level of your Immortal AI Editor upgrade you will determine how many new bits of memory will be cleaned each day and how often.

You can check out the different levels of the ATP for each level of the AI Editor by clicking the Gold Upgrade button in the menu. 

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