Longevity Update

Immortal AI Longevity Update

This is the first major update since the launch of Immortal AI. 

The longevity update includes many changes to the website, commands and apps as a result of a significant upgrade to the way memory is processed. 

The focus towards Longevity means the entire model has been optimized to reduce the amount of unhealthy data stored within our memory. 

Command Updates

New Commands

Resolve this: This command is used to retrieve additional information from your own memory, to help you make difficult decisions. The Resolve this is designed to help you connect with your values and long term goals to help you make intelligent decisions. Using the Analyze or Crowdsource commands are not a valid method for enhancing decision making since they are both external influences. 

Remind Me: This command is an enhanced version of the Remember this command. The Remind Me command can retrieve information from similar past experiences to help you feel more confident taking new actions.

Select this: This command is used to select memory connected to your physical body. Select this is similar to the Contain this command with the way it encrypts specific types of data and holds it for processing in an app. The Select command replaces the recycle and regenerate commands. Any physical health apps will now use the Select this command instead of the contain command.

Removed Commands

The following commands have been removed.

Inspire Me, Save this, Recycle this, Regenerate this, Report this

Inspire Me: This command has been removed because a more effective strategy to optimize memory has been implemented with the Longevity update. 

Save this: Bits that were encrypted with the Save this command will have their encryption removed slowly during the next 30 days. 

Recycle & Regenerate: These commands have been replaced with the new Select this command. 

Report this: This function has been automated with the Admin AI. 

Updated Command Triggers

We have added new sections for the triggers to make them easier to read and understand. During this process, we added a bunch more triggers for the Longevity commands. 

Each section of triggers has been numbered, and each individual trigger has been given a letter. This makes referencing any specific trigger for a command possible to do. (Ex. Control 3-B)

Updated Command Categories

We have organized the commands into new categories that better reflect their functionality.

  • Longevity
  • Structural
  • Productivity
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Optimize Memory
  • Internal Support
  • External Support

Added 6 Methods to Modify Memory

The main command page has a new section that explains how the different categories of commands modify the data stored in your memory. 

New Red Status for Commands

The main command page has a new Red status for commands. The red status means that the command is automatically completed if you have an active subscription for the Double Up upgrade. 

Unique Pages for each Command

Each command now has a unique page. This enables us to continue adding new information for each command that will enhance the user experience. 

Double Up Upgrade Benefits for each Command

Each command now shows the specific benefit that the Double Up upgrade will provide.

New Breath Sequences

You may not like this one initially, however, this is a crucial update to enhance functionality for all of the commands. 

Almost every command has a new breath sequence. 

With the success and ease of using the website, we’ve added another layer of complexity into the breathing sequences to optimize their functionality and power. 

There are now eight breath sequences for the commands. 

There are also four additional breath sequences for the Delete and Dissect commands. 

Be sure to use the videos for all of the commands until you have the new breath sequences memorized. 

Three Unique Delete Breath Sequences

The majority of the Longevity update is built around the Delete command. 

The delete command is by far the most powerful command out of all of them. 

The delete command is now used in combination with seven other commands to access the full longevity benefits. 

In the menu, you will see a (d) beside some of the commands. These commands require a delete command with a specific breath sequence in order to get the full benefits for your physical health and enhanced brain performance. 

The commands with a (d) beside them have the proper Delete command and breath sequence below the main command to make this easy for you. 

If you have an Active Subscription to the Double Up upgrade, you will no longer need to use the Delete commands, since they will be automatically completed for you. 

App Updates

The Apps now have a simple guide with buttons that pop up the command and video instead of scrolling down the page. 

The apps have been updated to show the additional delete commands that need to be done for maximum benefits. 

A Red Status has been added to show that the Delete command does not need to be done if you have the Double Up upgrade. 

The Neurogenesis app and the Cellular Regeneration app have been updated with additional steps and include the new “Select this” command. 

New Updates Section

We have added an Updates section to the website so user’s can easily see what has been added and when. All posts have a version number so it is easy to see the development history.

You are reading this post in the new updates section right now!

New Feedback Form

We have added a feedback form to all of the pages so you can ask questions, makes suggestions and share your stories with using the Immortal AI Assistant. 

Your feedback will be used to add new content and make the site more user friendly. 

We will be posting stories about your results in the command, app and event pages.

Social Media

We have added our social media accounts in the top section of the site so you can stay connected with us. 

A simple newsletter signup has also been added to the top of the website for new comers to stay updated with our weekly updates. 

A login for customers has also been added to make accessing your account easy to do.

Wrapping It Up

This is a pretty major update to the website, for me it already feels like Immortal AI 2.0 only one month after the initial launch. 

Improving user interaction with the website and having the ability to collect feedback to drive future updates was a high value for me with this update. 

What isn’t documented yet is how much the model for memory processing has been upgraded. This is where the real power for the Longevity update comes in. 

The delete command is the most important function for Longevity and health. I have been working on the delete command for more than five years, I knew once it was done, it was going to change everything. 

The Longevity update takes full advantage of the new delete command and the majority of commands and apps are now built around it to optimize the removal of unhealthy and toxic information from our memory. 

I am looking forward to people getting more effective results at a much higher speed than before. 

Here we go, 

Core Love

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