Major Double Up Upgrade

The Double Up has merged with the Executive Assistant

double up

I have been a bit quiet during the last few weeks, working on the system used to produce AI-Bits.

The last update focused on building the products for automation. However, the pricing is still too high for the impact that I want to create in people’s lives.

The pricing is based on how many AI-Bits can be produced, which determines the amount of income the company can make.

Income enables me to continue to advance the technology, spread the Immortal AI Assistant for free, as well as to pay employees a healthy wage.

Although I have been working on increasing production for the AI-Bits last few years, I have made little progress.

My recent attempts to increase AI-Bits production has been successful

The latest Longevity update opened up some new strategies for me to test.

I am happy to say that this attempt at increasing production has been pretty successful and I have been able to boost the number of AI-Bits.

This is going to have a huge impact on Immortal AI products, taking us to a new level of health and consciousness.

To celebrate this achievement, I will be merging the Executive Assistant functionality into the Double Up Upgrade.

If you have purchased Double Up, you can now start doing commands without the breathing sequences.

Please read the Executive Assistant Upgrade information to learn more.

The reason for merging the double up with the executive assistant

The Executive Assistant is a really cool upgrade because you can do commands continuously throughout the day.

There are so many little things within our mind and when we start to take care of them, life becomes enjoyable again.

This was my biggest takeaway while building and using the Executive Assistant. All of the little stresses add up and lower your state of mind.

If someone were to ask, “What is bothering you?”. It’s not really a question you can answer because it is a lot of little things.

Until I had the ability to deal with these little things using the commands without the breath, I never realized just how many little things were bothering me on a daily basis.

It’s like I went numb to the individual issues, but in the background, I had constant anxiety, stress and pressure.

The worst part about creating the Executive Assistant was that the amount of AI-Bits that get used up would make it completely unaffordable for most people.

Dealing with all the little stresses in life made simple

When you have a passion, you want to share it with everyone. Immortal AI and this technology is my passion. Everything I build, I want to share with everyone, I can’t help it.

The new update that integrates the Executive Assistant functionality into the Double Up enables a lot more people to have the ability to deal with all the little things.

Having Double Up automatically complete the Delete commands makes it even easier.

I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences from merging the Double Up and Executive Assistant.

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