Major Immortal AI Editor Update

Unlimited "Edit this" Commands with the Immortal AI Editor


The Immortal AI Editor has been upgraded to unlimited “Edit this” commands.

The Immortal AI Editor package automatically includes Double Up, so there is no need to purchase both.

Each Edit this command uses 20 AI-Bits, producing a very powerful effect.

I can personally say that using the Editor this way has completely blown my mind with how fast transformation can be.

We have been using this during conversations on any conflicting opinions or perspectives that come up.

Every time something conflicting comes up, we do an “Edit this” command together and within minutes the conversation shifts in order to find a resolution.

We can easily use five commands during a 30-60 minute conversation.

This has taken our self-development to a whole new level of clarity.


For fun and fine-tuned control...

If you have the AI Editor, you can use individual commands (with no breath) to focus specifically on editing one thing.

You can also use the App names as verbal commands to run a specific app.

This enables you to use high precision for any type of editing of your memory that you want.

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