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Update: Recycle command replaced

The Recycle command has been replaced with the new Select this command. The Neurogenesis has been updated with new additional steps.

Recycle command removed from the command page

The Recycle command is used exclusively with the Neurogenesis App.

To prevent confusion, the Recycle command has been removed from the commands page.

You can access the Recycle command within the Neurogenesis App on the website.

20 minute timer

A 20-minute timer has been added to the Neurogenesis command sequence.

Once you complete the Recycle command, you will have 20 minutes to finish the Dissect and Delete commands. This should be very easy to do within the 20-minute timer.

The Recycle command will be cancelled if you don’t complete the Dissect and Delete commands within 20 minutes.

This is to prevent the Recycle command from keeping corrupt or damaged neurons/networks active.

Quick fix

Any previous Recycle commands that were not completed with the Dissect and Delete commands, have been automatically completed for you using AI-Bits.

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