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The Addictions App is the first reference app, designed to help you understand all the different ways you can use apps and commands to overcome different types of addictions.

Examples of addiction triggers & the commands to use

Addictions have a lot of energy behind them, that is what makes you lose control. 

Typically you will need to use more than one command because of the amount of energy associated with the addiction.

To help you with your addiction, we have added a list of commands on the Addictions App page for different types of addictive behaviours. Below are some examples:

Craving a substance and feeling like you are losing control if you don’t get it. (Addictive substances such as cigarettes, vaping, heroin, meth)

You can alternate between the Control and Power Up commands.

Craving a substance because you need the energy (stimulants such as coffee, sugar, speed, cocaine).

You can alternate between the Explore and Energize commands.

Cravings to seek comfort (Fast Food, Greasy Food and Binge Eating).

You can alternate between the Power Up and Control commands.

When to use the Addictions App

Before you take action on your addiction, use the Addictions App as a reference to know what commands to use. 

To know what command to use, you need to evaluate your current state of mind that is making you desire the addiction.

Once you’ve identified the commands associated with the addiction, do them multiple times until your state changes and you have regained control.

To view the Addictions App, click this link:

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