New App – Calibrating Movement

Update: New Steps to the Calibrating Movement App

With the Longevity update, the Calibrating Movement app has been updated with additional steps and includes the new “Select this” command. 

Any physical health apps will now use the Select this command instead of the Contain command.

New calibrating movement app added to the site!

calibrating movement image

The Calibrating Movement App is used to fine-tune the data involved with muscle memory to improve your posture as well as any specific types of motion.

The app consists of 9 commands and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

The Calibrating Movement app focuses on two different states of your body.

Resting State: The first is a resting state when you are holding still in a specific position. An example of a resting state would be lying down of a flat surface, sitting in a chair, standing up, or holding a static stretch such as a yoga pose.

Motion State: The second is a motion state when your body is in motion, moving from one position to another. An example of establishing a motion state would be walking, chewing, tapping your foot, swinging your arms, bouncing a basketball, or turning your head side to side.

You can select either resting or a motion state when using the Calibrating Movement app.

To view the Calibrating Movement App, click here:

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