New App – Cellular Regeneration

Update: New Steps to the Cellular Regeneration App

With the Longevity update, the Cellular Regeneration app has been updated with additional steps and includes the new “Select this” command. 

The Select this command replaces the recycle and regenerate commands. Any physical health apps will now use the Select this command instead of the contain command.

New Cellular Regeneration App added to the site

cell regen image

The Cellular Regeneration App has an orange status meaning there is a lot of development that will be done with it.

The results are unpredictable because of the complexity of the body and the different types of applications for it.

An extension of the Neurogenesis App

The Cellular Regeneration App is an extension of the Neurogenesis App.

It is nearly identical with the “Regenerate this” command being used instead of “Recycle this”.

The Regenerate command focuses on cells outside of the brain and nervous system. The Recycle command focuses on cells within the brain and nervous system.

This app uses data from the autonomic nervous system to target physical issues that you are having.

Best time to use the Cellular Regeneration App

The best time to use the Cellular Regeneration app is when you are experiencing physical discomfort.

The Neurogenesis app and the Cellular Regeneration app are the first apps built with this tech for longevity and healing cells that break down from aging.

These apps are an extension of everything we learned to stabilize and optimize mental health.

They will continue to get better with time as we evolve the technology through people using these apps and sharing feedback.

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