New App – Muscular Rehab

Update: New Steps to the Muscular Rehab App

With the Longevity update, the Muscular Rehab app has been updated with additional steps and includes the new “Select this” command. 

Any physical health apps will now use the Select this command instead of the Contain command.

New Muscular Rehab app added to the site!

muscular rehab image

The Muscular Rehab App can be used for working on muscle, tendon and/or structural issues with your body.

This is a very powerful sequence to use for healing current or old injuries that are bothering you.

For instance, if you have a stubborn pain in your shoulder that won’t seem to go away, you can set aside an hour or more to do the Muscular Rehab to work on this pain.

Optimizing Muscle Tension

Tension and pain in a muscle group is typically due to a reverse in polarity, where the muscles that are too tight need to relax and the muscles that are too relaxed need to tighten.

The Muscular Rehab App is used to optimized the muscle tension from this reverse polarity, while removing the unhealthy data with Delete commands. 

In this sequence, the Structural commands (Contract this and Expand this) are used in succession.

To view the Muscular Rehab App, click here:

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