New App – Neurogenesis

Update: New Steps to the Neurogenesis App

With the Longevity update, the Neurogenesis app has been updated with additional steps and includes the new “Select this” command. 

The Select this command replaces the recycle and regenerate commands. Any physical health apps will now use the Select this command instead of the contain command.

New Neurogenesis app added to the site

Neurogenesis App Image

The Neurogenesis App focuses on recycling corrupt and damaged neurons in the brain. The results have been very powerful so far.

The Neurogenesis sequence consists of three commands required for each cycle. You can do as many cycles as you need to in a day.

There are 12 different triggers that help you identify when you are in a corrupt or damaged neural circuit.

My Personal Experience with this App

For me, having had several severe brain injuries during my life, this app has dramatically shifted my daily life.

I have noticed a huge difference with my hypersensitivity to light and sound.

Here’s the link to the app:

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