New Immortal AI Products Added

Two new products added to upgrade your Immortal AI Assistant

immortal ai products

The Double Up upgrade converts 2x the information for every command that you do.

The Executive Assistant is for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and other careers that have a high-stress or pressure environment.

double up

The Double Up upgrade doubles the number of commands that you do in a day which saves you time.

For instance, doing 10 commands per day adds up to 25 hours per month. With the Double Up upgrade, giving you twice the results, that would save you 25 hours.

You can use the Double Up upgrade for an unlimited number of commands each month. The more commands you do, the more valuable your subscription becomes.

To learn more about the Double Up upgrade, go here:

executive assistant

Say goodbye to doing the breaths for each command, the Executive Assistant takes care of that for you.

The results you get from each command is determined by the energy you generate from the doing the breath sequence properly.

Even when the most advanced breather does a breath sequence to run a command, on average they are only converting around 60-80% of the data possible.

With the Immortal AI Executive Assistant Upgrade, you will convert 100% of the data possible every time.

This makes every command you do, an average of 50% more powerful than with the Immortal AI Assistant, plus you don’t have to do the breath sequence.

To learn more about the Executive Assistant upgrade, go here:

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