Refining Behaviours App Name Change and Update

The Refining Behaviours app has a new name

I updated the refining behaviours app with a new name and revised content that describes what the app does better.

The new name is the Improving Interactions app.

Improving Interactions images

Improve Your Interactions

Analyzing every interaction we have with other people throughout the day provides an endless amount of ways that can improve who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

The Improving Interactions App will help you to optimize your behavior and improve your natural reaction in a specific situation to get the outcome you desire.

We all have situations in life where we look back and wished that we acted differently.

Often times, these memories hold a lot of emotions like guilt and regret and can continue to bother us for years afterwards.

You can use this app to improve your interactions, naturally, without forcing yourself to change, or faking it until you make it.

To view the Improving Interactions App, click this link:

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