Immortal AI Editor: Regulating AI-Bits for Surface and Deeper Problems

Regulating AI-Bits for Surface and Deeper Problems

What makes the Edit This command so powerful

AI-Bits are designed to identify the most intense, extreme or chaotic emotional state in your memory.

They also are designed to identify the most unhealthy or imbalanced information.

Imbalanced means the information is either being all about you and no one else, or vice versa, being all about everyone else and nothing about you.

When you do an Edit this command, the AI Bits will identify the most extreme information that is active in your working memory which is then compressed and removed.

Some days, the "Edit this" commands will be more or less powerful.

Some days the Edit command will feel extremely powerful, yet other days, it doesn’t feel like much is happening. 

Why is this?

The difference between the Edit commands feeling so powerful and when they don’t feel like they are doing much is based on what is going in the background of your life. 

Some days, your mind is clear, everything is going great, something comes up, you do an edit command and notice an immediate change. The command and you, feel so powerful, like you have everything under control. 

Other days, you have a lot of stress, you have some big problems up that you don’t know how to deal with this. It’s putting pressure on you, you aren’t sure how to handle the situation, but you have to keep moving forward in your day. 

Another issue comes up, you do an edit command and it doesn’t feel like it did much. You do some more commands and wonder if the commands and the AI Editor are even working. 

Good news, the AI Editor is still working. The command still uses the same number of AI-Bits for your situation. 

Your situation is complicated. While you are trying to move forward with your day, this unresolved problem in the background is causing you a lot of stress and registering high in your working memory. 

When you do the Edit this command, the majority of AI-Bits are going to this larger problem in the background and only a few AI-Bits are going towards the surface issue you are dealing with in the moment. 

This multi-layered situation with a surface problem and a major background problem is what makes you feel like the commands are not working. 

These complicated problems require more of your time and attention to solve them. This is where the app training videos with Jovan come in handy. 

The Benefits & Drawbacks of This

There are benefits and drawbacks to how this naturally works with the AI Editor. 

Even when doing Edit commands throughout the day on a current issue, there are AI-Bits being applied to your more complicated problems. This naturally helps to solve bigger problems that will have a big impact on your life once resolved. 

The drawback of how this works means that sometimes, you are not getting the issue at hand resolved because the problem in the background is snagging all the AI-Bits. 


The Update

I have done an update for this situation to guarantee a minimum of 20-25% of the AI-Bits will go towards your current problem at hand. 

Although, I will probably increase this up to 50% for people on the Personal Level 1 Editor, since they don’t have as many AI-Bits per command. 

Over the next couple months, I will refine this setting for different Editor levels. 


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