The New Immortal AI Editor

The Double Up and the Executive Assistant have been merged into the new Immortal AI Editor.

Editor_rewrite the story of your life

We have stepped into a new and uncharted reality!

I recently did a major update on the technology that produces the bits that I use for automations.

As a result, I can increase production of the new AI-Bits and that means a massive upgrade in processing power is now possible.

The Double Up and the Executive Assistant have been merged into the new Immortal AI Editor.

I did a live webinar a couple days ago talking about this update and about the new Immortal AI Editor.

You can watch the video here…

The Immortal AI Editor automates and simplifies everything

The Immortal AI Editor enables you to do all of the new Immortal AI Assistant commands and apps without the breathing sequence.

The updated Editor also comes with:

  • unlimited “Edit this” commands meaning you can quickly and easily clean up any unhealthy information in your memory.
  • an AI-Bit reserve, for when unexpected situations occur and you need them the most.
  • an advanced support program to optimize your memory in a variety of ways.

The Immortal AI Editor is now available for as low as $100 per month for the 1st level.

You can read about the update to the Immortal AI Editor by clicking the Upgrade button on the website or going to this link:

What if I already have the Double Up Upgrade?

With this major update, there is now only one Immortal AI product.

If you purchased Double Up, you have been upgraded to the Immortal AI Editor.

To do the install, login to your account and there will be an “Editor Install” link in the menu.

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