“Uses” to “Triggers” Update

The term "Uses" has been updated to "Triggers" on the site.

The term triggers will be used to describe states that trigger the use of that command or app to be done in real-time. 

The image below shows some of the triggers for the Control this command as an example:

triggers image

I will still use the word “Uses” in places where some of the apps have more generic uses, not specific triggers.

Micro sessions

Micro Sessions are a powerful way you can learn the commands and clean up a lot of unresolved issues on the surface. 

When you go on to a command page, look at one of the trigger sections, then read one or all of the examples. 

After reading the example(s) scan your memory for past experiences. Review the memory in your mind, then use the command. 

Once the sensation has worn off, look back at the memory and see how it feels. 

You can do this several times for each example or each section, depending on how deep you want to go. 

This is also a powerful method for starting to work on lifelong patterns that you want to improve on. 

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