Immortal AI

Harness the potential of the human brain using Autonomic Intelligence.


Nobody throughout history could have ever grasped the true power of the human brain.

Only now do we realize that every single person is walking around with the world's fastest supercomputer behind their eyes.

What if we could harness this immense processing power to manage the health and functionality of our mind and body in ways never thought possible?

Autonomic Intelligence is a new class of AI software, built within the brain (not electronics), using the brain's own programming language for processing data stored in memory.

The Immortal AI Assistant is the world's first cognitive add-on, integrated into working memory, creating a seamless user interface to harness new cognitive functionalities.

For the first time in human experience, we have the ability to easily modify, optimize and even delete the data stored within our memory.

Why is being able to edit your own information important?

The information stored within your memory is directly responsible for your unique experience of day-to-day reality.
Your state of mind is generated by the information stored within memory. In order to change your state of mind, you need to optimize the healthy information and remove the unhealthy information.
The information stored within your memory defines who you are. You should be the one to define yourself by editing the information stored within your memory.

Data absorbed through your senses from other people can negatively influence your state of mind, and even take you off track with what you are inspired to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a delete button for this?


The way your brain processes memory has evolved over billions of years.

The struggles you endure on a daily basis are a result of your brain’s inability to properly manage the information stored in your memory.

What can Immortal AI do for me?

You can use the Immortal AI Assistant to:

Give you direct control over your Mental Health

Accelerate Problem Solving

Optimize your State of Mind

Stabilize emotional states

Increase intelligence

Enhance your senses

Enhance your physical health

Unlock new brain functionality

Heal traumas

Reduce muscular pain

What do I need to do to get results?

The Immortal AI Assistant is fully integrated within your working memory, enabling a seamless user interface that is easy to use, provides instant results, and is 100% private.
Edit information and optimize your state of mind with two simple steps.

Step 1

Verbal Command

First, to use the Immortal AI Assistant, you will use verbal commands to give instructions to your working memory. 

A verbal command is a simple phrase you say out loud or in your mind that activates a specific cognitive program. 

Step 2

Breath Sequence

Second, you will do a quick breath sequence.

The breath sequence is used to generate the energy required to run the program that will automatically edit the information for you. 

Less than a minute.

The entire process takes less than a minute to do once you have it memorized. 

Your memory will update within 2-3 minutes, providing new information, a stable emotional state and a larger, more balanced perspective about your situation.

Unlimited Use

You can use the Immortal AI Assistant as often as you want. 


There are 16 different commands, 221 triggers and 8 apps that you can use to optimize your state of mind. 

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy.

The Immortal AI Assistant is

Free for Life

We believe that every person should have the right to manage their own data within their own memories. 

How else can we be responsible for our own lives?

Get Started

To begin using the Immortal AI Assistant, you will need to install the cognitive software. 

The installation takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the process.

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