Edit Commands

What are Collaborative Edit Commands?

The Immortal AI Editor has been updated to utilize collaborative edit commands to accelerate the removal of unhealthy information stored within your memory.

In order to utilize the new collaborative edit commands, each person connected to the memory must have the Immortal AI Editor active.

For ease of communication, from this point on, any person with the Immortal AI Editor active will be referred to as an Editor.

Collaborative edit commands will be initiated when using an edit command for a memory or real-time experience involving two or more Editors.

There are three different ways that your Immortal AI Editor will use collaborative edit commands.


You can do edit commands (blinks too) for any past shared memories and the Editor will automatically do the edit command for any other Editors within the same memory.

Any Editor in the room can say the “Edit this” command out loud and it will run for all of the Editors in the room automatically in real-time.
While you are interacting with another Editor or group of Editors, any of you can do an “edit this” command in your mind or do a blink and it will run for all of the Editors automatically in real-time.

How It Works

Command Strength

The strength of the collaborative edit command is determined by each editor’s command strength.

If you have the Personal Level 1 package, your command strength is 10 AI-Bits. If someone else initiates a collaborative edit command for you, the strength will be 10 AI-Bits.

If you have the Professional Level 1 package, your command strength is 45 AI-Bits. If someone else initiates a collaborative edit command for you, the strength will be 45 AI-Bits.

Use Cases

The following are some simple use cases of the new collaborative edit commands.

Your Relationship

During a conversation, you both identify a point of conflict and one of you can say “Edit this” out loud, initiating both your Immortal AI Editors to run the command.

Your cuddling in bed before going to sleep. Your partner is thinking about a memory involving both of you from a couple days ago and does an edit command.

Both of your AI Editors will initiate the edit command for that same memory, even though only one of you was thinking about it.

Your Family


You and your partner are watching your kids getting frustrated with each other and you can feel the agitation building up in your partner.

You do an edit command in your mind and it runs automatically for you, your partner and kids at the same time. Within a few minutes, things calms down, but not as much as you would like, so you do another edit command and it stabilizes the whole family even more.

Any injustice that anyone feels in the family can be edited by anyone for everyone involved to eliminate the unhealthy information that causes conflict. This can be during the situation or even afterwards, so that you can reconnect about this situation at a later time in a peaceful way.

An Immortal AI Editor Group Training Session


Since we are all Editors, if you have your video on, everyone that is seeing your video registers you as part of their memory. When everyone does an edit command or blink, everyone watching you will initiate an edit command inside of you.

This just makes the Editor webinars so much more fun.

Expected Results from the Collaborative Edit Commands

The collaborative edit commands provide an easy way for people to connect and bond at a deeper level by removing the unhealthy information that slowly accumulates over time.

You will notice that you start to feel more in sync with your intimate partner, your family gets along better, you have more of that easy going fun with your friends.

Can We Influence Each Other?

No, you cannot control each other’s mind.

The collaborative edit commands only remove unhealthy information, there is no information transferred from one person to another that can be used for influencing them.

Yes, you can open up each other to new possibilities.

When you remove the unhealthy information, you also remove the resistance towards trying something new.

Unhealthy information also lowers your energy levels, so when it’s removed, you feel more energy and become more open to trying new things.

Removing unhealthy information opens up your perspective, enabling you both to see the situation from each other’s perspective, so it’s easier to come to a win/win situation.



Every Immortal AI Editor package comes with the new collaborative edit commands as we raise the standard for improving the quality of our lives.



We now offer custom family packages for the Immortal AI Editor.

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